iOS 17.5 Beta 3: Your iPhone Could Get These New Features Soon

iOS 17.5 Beta 3: Your iPhone Could Get These New Features Soon

Released by Apple. The third iOS 17.5 beta to public beta testers on Wednesday, a day after the company released the beta to developers, and nearly two months after the release. iOS 17.4. The latest beta brings a handful of new features to the iPhones of some developers and beta testers, such as more ways for people in the European Union to download apps.

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We recommend downloading the beta only on something other than your primary device. Since this isn't the final version of iOS 17.5, these features may be minor and battery life may be short, and it's best to keep those worries on a secondary device.

If you're a developer or public beta tester, here are some of the new features you can expect in iOS 17.5 beta 1. Note that the beta is not the final version of iOS 17.5, so more features may come to your iPhone. When iOS 17.5 is released There's no word on when Apple will release iOS 17.5 to the public.

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More ways to download apps for people in the EU

With iOS 17.5 beta 2, Apple now allows people in the EU to download apps from the developer's website. Apple posted a Online guide which can help developers distribute their apps on the web.

“In eligible territories, you may distribute approved, non-Marketplace apps from your website,” Apple writes. “To distribute your app, fill out a web form that outlines the qualifications, and if approved, Apple enables you to download a framework that can be used on your website from your website. Facilitates secure app installation.”

The guide also states that developers need to use iOS 17.5 beta 2 or later to enable web distribution of their apps.

Developers must also opt-in. New App Store Terms of Business for the EU And pay a 0.50 Euro core technology fee Over 1 million for every first-time app installation in the last 12 months. But Apple gives developers 1 million first-time app installs for free.

“Membership in the Apple Developer Program includes the first one million annual installs per year for apps distributed through the App Store, web distribution, and/or alternative marketplaces,” Apple writes.

apple announced This ability on March 12, along with other EU-specific developer features, such as the ability to choose the design of app promotions.

This is the latest EU-related feature to come to iPhone. When Apple released iOS 17.4 in March, a big part of the update was allowing people from the European Union. Download alternative app stores. To comply with the region's Digital Markets Act.

Detect and disable unknown trackers.

A red ear tag hangs from the zip pull on the gray bag. A red ear tag hangs from the zip pull on the gray bag.

Your iPhone can soon help you detect and disable unknown trackers.

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According to According to 9to5Mac, code found in iOS 17.5 points to the introduction of a new anti-stalking feature on your iPhone. The feature will reportedly detect unwanted trackers, e.g Air tags and others Third Party Tracking Devicesand then help you disable them.

“This item is not verified on Apple Find My Network,” the code reads, according to 9to5Mac. “You can disable this item and prevent it from sharing its location with the owner. To do this, follow the instructions provided on the website of the manufacturer of the item.”

Searching Settings and Find My on iOS 17.5 beta 3, there doesn't appear to be a new option to enable this feature.

New puzzle game Quartile for Apple News Plus subscribers

Apple's iOS 17.5 beta 1 also introduces a new puzzle game in the News app for Apple News Plus subscribers, called Quartiles. At the beginning of each puzzle, you are given a grid of 20 tiles with parts of words on them, such as “te” and “tra”. Then you have to connect these tiles to make different words. Words can be between one and four tiles long, but each grid can be made up of five four-tile words — you score the most points by matching tiles this way.

If you subscribe to Apple News, which costs $13 (£13, AU$20) a monthyou can find Quartiles by going to News > Following > Puzzles and swiping the carousel at the top of the screen. You can also scroll down. Puzzles Page to find quartiles under crossword money.

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Puzzle leaderboards for Apple News Plus subscribers

In addition to Quartiles, a new feature in iOS 17.5 beta 3 lets Apple News Plus subscribers easily compare their daily puzzle scores with other people's. To turn on this feature, go to Settings > News. And down News + Puzzles Tap on the Next toggle. Game Center.

News Plus Puzzles Setting for Game Center News Plus Puzzles Setting for Game Center

You will be able to compete with your friends and family on your News Plus puzzles.

Screenshot CNET/Apple

Under the setting, Apple writes, “Send your results to Game Center to see how you rank among friends and other solvers on today's puzzle.”

It's important to note that anyone can enable this setting, but if you don't have an Apple News Plus subscription, you can't play the daily puzzles and therefore can't post anything on these leaderboards.

The podcast widget changes color.

Podcast widget grayed out while listening to You're Wrong About. Podcast widget grayed out while listening to You're Wrong About.

The podcast widget can change color to match what you're listening to.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

With iOS 17.5 beta 1, your podcast widget will change color depending on the artwork of whatever podcast you're currently listening to. So if the podcast you're listening to has red artwork, the widget will turn red.

This aesthetic feature was in some early iOS 17.4 betas, but Apple removed it from the public release of that update. Apple also brought in iOS 17.4 Transcripts in podcastswhich makes audio media accessible to more people.

Books app counter tool

iOS 17.5 beta 1 also seems to want to help people achieve their reading goals. With the update, the Books app gets a counter in the top-right corner of the app's homepage. If you tap this counter, the app takes you to your Reading Goals menu. This menu shows you how much time you've spent reading today. There is also a button that reads: Explore the bookstore. which opens A bookstore.

At first, the books set your daily reading goal at five minutes a day, but you can change that goal to anywhere between 1 minute a day or a ridiculous 1,440 minutes (24 hours) — read me Like it, but it feels a bit aggressive. .

Reading goals in the Books app Reading goals in the Books app

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

These are some of the new features that some developers and beta testers will see in the first iOS 17.5 beta. This doesn't mean that these are the only features coming to the next iOS update, or that these changes will remain when iOS 17.5 is released to the public. As of now, there is no word on when Apple will release iOS 17.5.

For more on iOS 17, here's what's included. iOS 17.4 And here is ours iOS 17 cheat sheet. You can also see what there is to know. Apple's surprise event in May.

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