Intel's LGA-1851 Socket Pictured, Ready To Debut With Meteor Lake-PS & Also Arrow Lake “Core Ultra 200” Ready

Intel's LGA-1851 Socket Pictured, Ready To Debut With Meteor Lake-PS & Also Arrow Lake “Core Ultra 200” Ready

Intel's next-generation LGA-1851 socket is finally out, and will support both Meteor Lake-PS and Aero Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” CPU.

Intel's LGA-1851 shows high similarities with its predecessor, with changes to the mounting mechanism: Meteor Lake-PS supports “Core Ultra 100” and Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” CPUs.

The LGA-1851 platform has set high hopes for users looking to switch to the new standards, as the socket type will feature Intel's Arrow Lake-S CPUs.

Still, interestingly, Intel has revealed that the LGA-1851 will debut with the Meteor Lake-PS series, a lineup for the embedded segment, as As discussed in the previous post.. For quick recovery, Meteor Lake-PS SKUs are built for emerging AI workloads in edge environments, increasing performance thanks to the onboard Arc iGPU and dedicated NPU engine.

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Early images of the LGA-1851 socket type, found in MI1002 motherboard Designed for the Meteor Lake-PS series, the socket appears identical to the LGA 1700, primarily in terms of overall dimensions, which are 45mm x 37.5mm. However, Intel has added more contact surfaces and associated dedicated shifting locking lugs to prevent older CPUs from migrating to the new platform.

To quickly summarize the details, the rumors indicate the following features for Intel's LGA 1851 socket and Arrow Lake family.

  • LGA 1851 Socket Longevity Plans Until 2026
  • DDR5 compatibility only, no DDR4 support.
  • Starting with the 800 series motherboards
  • Support for DDR5-6400 memory (native JEDEC).
  • Expansion of PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes via CPU and PCH
  • Arrow Lake-S is the first desktop family supported
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 3 MB of L2 cache per P-Core.
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature refreshed Alchemist iGPUs
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature integrated LLC “Adamantine” for the GPU tile.
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 8+16, 8+0, 6+8 CPU SKUs
  • 2H is launching in 2024.
Image credit: Computerbase

While the debut of the LGA-1851 in the Meteor Lake-PS series is exciting, the more interesting factor is how the embedded markets are evolving, mainly because more recently, AMD announced its Versal Gen 2 Adaptive. Chips, specifically designed to capture the growing interest in embedded AI.

Chip Shot Credit: Hwcooling / Wxnod

With the debut of Intel's new Meteor Lake-PS and Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs, things will really get more competitive, and it will be interesting to see which architecture is the best.

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