Intel Z890 Motherboards To Feature Native Thunderbolt 4 Support, Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs With Up To 4 “Arc Xe-LPG” iGPU Cores

Intel Z890 Motherboards To Feature Native Thunderbolt 4 Support, Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs With Up To 4 “Arc Xe-LPG” iGPU Cores

More details have emerged regarding the Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop CPU platform and Z890 motherboards.

Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs to feature half iGPU “Xe-LPG” cores as Meteor Lake, gain native Thunderbolt 4 support on Z890 motherboards

Details regarding Intel's Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” desktop CPUs and the related 800 series platform are starting to take shape. The latest information comes from Golden Pig Upgrade Which is talking about SKUs, iGPU configurations, and the top Z890 chipset.

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Starting with the SKUs, the Intel Core Ultra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” desktop CPUs will follow the first-generation Core Ultra 100 “Meteor Lake” family and start with the Core Ultra 5. We have detailed three possible “Unlocked” SKUs. Which includes Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 5 245K in a previous report here.

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It looks like the lineup won't include Core Ultra 3 chips, and it's likely that Intel will continue to sell and update existing Core i3 CPUs to meet the demand for entry-level CPUs that, despite being entry-level not enough. Prices. Intel supports existing LGA 1700 platforms such as The upcoming Bartlett Lake S desktop chips.

Image Source: Golden Pig Upgrade (via Weibo)

In terms of iGPU configurations, Intel Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” desktop CPUs will max out at 4 Xe-Cores based on the Alchemist Xe-LPG graphics architecture. These are half the cores of the top Intel Core Ultra 9 “Meteor Lake” CPUs and some SKUs are expected to feature 3 and 2 Xe-cores as well. If you want to see how these iGPUs perform, you can check the Intel Core Ultra 7 165U/155U performance tests for reference as they also come with 4 Xe-core iGPUs.

Due to higher TDPs desktop chips should have higher clock speeds and should provide good performance but don't expect much. They certainly won't match the top AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs as they already offer competitive and, at times, faster performance than the Meteor Lake top die. 8 Xe-cores as we tested here..

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As for the cache, it looks like we have another leaker that has indicated 3 MB of L3 cache per Lion Cove P-Core. MebiuW suggests that The Lion Cove P-Core will include 3 MB of L3 cache. While a Skymont E-Core cluster consisting of 4 E-Cores will feature 3 MB of L3 cache. This gives a total cache of 36 MB for the top 24 core CPUs (Core Ultra 9 285K), 33 MB for the 20 core CPUs (Core Ultra 7 265K), and 24 MB cache for 6+8 core configurations.

Intel Aero Lake S Desktop CPU Lineup (Initial):

CPU name Architecture (P/E) Cores/Threads Clocks TDP
Core Ultra 9 285K Lion Cove / Skymont 24/24 5.5 GHz (Maximum?) 125W?
Core Ultra 7 265K Lion Cove / Skymont 20/20 TBD 125W?
Core Ultra 5 245K Lion Cove / Skymont 14/14 TBD 125W?
Core Ultra 9 275 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 7 255 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 5 240 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD 65W?

Finally, there is a new detail regarding the top Intel Z890 motherboards that will be part of the 800 series platform. These motherboards are said to feature native support for Thunderbolt 4 and a range of other upgrades, including support for faster memory thanks to an updated AeroLake-S (Core Ultra 200) memory controller and more. Hope to be. Here's what we know so far about the Aero Lake S desktop CPUs:

  • LGA 1851 Socket Longevity Plans Until 2026
  • DDR5 compatibility only, no DDR4 support.
  • Starting with the 800 series motherboards
  • Support for DDR5-6400 memory (native JEDEC).
  • PCIe Gen 5.0 lane expansion via CPU and PCH
  • Arrow Lake S First Desktop Family Supported (DIY)
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 3 MB of L2 cache per P-Core.
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature Alchemist iGPUs
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs include 8+16, 6+8 CPU SKUs.
  • Arrow Lake S 8+16 (24 cores)
  • Arrow Lake S 6+8 (14 cores)
  • No hyperthreading support (?)
  • 2H is launching in 2024.

A little bird has also told us that we are going to visit. Intel 800 series motherboards In very early action, most likely Computex 2024 So stay tuned for more information.

News Source: Anandtech Forums

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