Intel To Release Two “China-Specific” Gaudi 3 AI Accelerators, Availability In September

Intel To Release Two “China-Specific” Gaudi 3 AI Accelerators, Availability In September

Intel has outlined its plan for future Chinese AI markets, revealing the launch of two “China-specific” Gaudi 3 AI accelerators, potentially outpacing competitors.

Intel will give NVIDIA and AMD a tough time in China with its new Gaudi 3 AI solutions, potentially gaining massive traction.

Intel recently unveiled its much-anticipated Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator.which includes the latest (5th Gen) Tensor Core architecture and many other features for the AI ​​industry.

The Gaudi 3 accelerator saw a decent response from the markets, as Intel was able to deliver both efficiency and performance in a single package. However, another interesting fact with the latest Gaudi accelerators is that Intel plans to enter the Chinese markets, this time with a more attractive and potentially dominant offering, positioning itself at the top of the region.

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Intel is reportedly preparing two Gaudi 3 AI accelerators designed to target the Chinese markets, and to do so; The company has to follow US policies.

According to List of general product specifications Intel has revealed that the Gaudi 3 HL-328 and HL-388 variants are “PRC designed”. The specs list shows that the only trade-off in the accelerator's TDP is in the cut-down, with both rated at 450W (air-cooled), marking a nearly 50% reduction from the usual variants. . The rest of the specifications are pretty similar, including 128GB of HBM2e memory, 3.7 TB/sec of bandwidth, and more, which we've discussed. Here.

Now that we see Intel re-entering the Chinese markets, it will be interesting to see how the situation plays out. The first factor is whether the US administration will allow Intel to sell new accelerators, even if they are made in China. Even if they make inroads, Intel's Gaudi 3 AI GPUs will face stiff competition from domestic companies like Huawei and even existing market rivals like NVIDIA. In this case, however, given the Biden administration's response to Team Green, Intel may have a chance to catch up.

It's too early to say whether Intel's new offering will be successful in China. Still, if the firm remains committed and offers a stable supply chain, it could very well penetrate markets and take market share away from some of the tech behemoths.

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