Intel To Launch Battlemage Before Black Friday

Intel To Launch Battlemage Before Black Friday

During Embedded World 2024 in Germany, Intel introduced six new Archchemist graphics cards designed for edge and embedded systems. These GPUs debuted two years after the initial release of the Alchemist discrete processors.

While the spotlight shines on the latest Arch Alchemist GPUs, there is minimal discussion surrounding the upcoming successor, Battlemage. Also known as Xe2-HPG or Xe2-LPG, this next-generation GPU architecture is slated to launch in Lunar Lake SoCs (LPG variant) later this year. However, Intel has provided limited information regarding the discrete GPU segment (HPG) fueling the next-generation Arc Bx00 GPU series for gaming and workstation applications.

According to Computerbase reports, discussions between Intel partners at the trade show suggest that Battlemage could possibly debut before Black Friday on November 29th of this year. That time frame matters to hardware firms, especially those catering to gamers, as they try to unveil new products before the holiday shopping rush.

Officially, Intel has maintained secrecy regarding Battlemage, confirming only that it is progressing as planned and highlighting the team's emphasis on software over hardware development. Intel Fellow Tom Patterson has suggested that efforts are moving towards Celestial, an architecture modeled after Battlemage.

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The publication observes that Intel has taken a completely different approach to marketing communications for the ArchGPU. Instead of announcing and announcing various release dates, employees are now only sharing essential information. Hopefully, this strategy will pay off through surprising gameplay with competing architectures.

Source: Computer base

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