Intel To Launch 13 Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPUs: Include 125W, 65W & 35W Models

Intel To Launch 13 Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPUs: Include 125W, 65W & 35W Models

Intel plans to launch a total of 13 CPUs in its Aero Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” desktop CPU lineup, revealed Bench life.

A total of 13 CPUs are expected to be launched under Intel's next-gen Aero Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” desktop CPU portfolio.

Intel's Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” desktop CPU family is fast approaching its launch. The line-up hopes to get one. Officially unveiled at Computex 2024 And we should expect a launch sometime by mid-2H (2024). So far, we have known details about some of the SKUs that will include the unlocked “K” family Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 5 245K. It was also reported yesterday that the lineup is unlikely to include the successor to the Core i3 series, the Core Ultra 3 variant.

Now, new information has surfaced which reveals that the company plans to launch a total of 13 SKUs in its Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” series. In addition to the three “K” series chips, the lineup will include 5 non-K chips rated at 65W (PL1) TDP and a total of 5 chips with a TDP of 35W (PL1). These SKUs are expected to launch a little later than the “K” series 125W (PL1) parts.

On the other hand, what we know about the Intel Core Ultra 2 series of Arrow Lake-S product plans is that there will be three products of the 125W K-series processors, including Intel Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra. 5 will be covered. Of which there will be Intel Core Ultra 9 processors in 24C/24T (8+16) configurations, followed by 20C/20T (8+12) and 14C/14T (6+8) configurations.

As for the non-K series, i.e. the 65W part of the processor plan, it is basically the same as the K series, except that the Intel Core will provide a 10C/10T (6+4) configuration processor. Ultra 5 part.

Previously known information, Intel Core Ultra 2 will have a total of 8 Arrow Lake-S generation processors at 125W and 65W. As for the 35W product, there will be 13 processors. Arrow Lake-S only supports Intel Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 5 series processors.

Bench life

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Intel is expected to use two main dies for its AeroLake-S “Core Ultra 200” chips. One of these will be the advanced H0 die with 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores while the other will be a more toned down 6 P-Core and 8 E-Core configuration called C0. All dies will feature Lion Cove as P-Core architecture and Skymont as E-Core architecture. These chips will be compatible with the LGA 1851 socket. Here's what we know so far about the Aero Lake S desktop CPUs:

  • LGA 1851 Socket Longevity Plans Until 2026
  • DDR5 compatibility only, no DDR4 support.
  • Starting with the 800 series motherboards
  • Support for DDR5-6400 memory (native JEDEC).
  • PCIe Gen 5.0 lane expansion via CPU and PCH
  • Arrow Lake S First Desktop Family Supported (DIY)
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 3 MB of L2 cache per P-Core.
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature Alchemist iGPUs
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs include 8+16, 6+8 CPU SKUs.
  • Arrow Lake S 8+16 (24 cores)
  • Arrow Lake S 6+8 (14 cores)
  • No hyperthreading support (?)
  • 2H is launching in 2024.

As for the platform, we'll see first. Introduction of high-end 800 series boards As expected the Z890 products. Feature native Thunderbolt 4 capability.. Intel will expand its 800 series portfolio with H870 and B860 options along with 65W and 35W SKUs. Only unlocked “K” SKUs will be able to support DDR5-6400 (native) memory while non-K chips are expected to support up to DDR5-5600 (native) speeds. More information is expected in the coming days.

Intel Aero Lake S Desktop CPU Lineup (Initial):

CPU name Architecture (P/E) Cores/Threads Clocks Cache (L3) TDP
Core Ultra 9 285K Lion Cove / Skymont 24/24 5.5 GHz (Maximum?) 36 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 7 265K Lion Cove / Skymont 20/20 TBD 33 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 5 245K Lion Cove / Skymont 14/14 TBD 24 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 9 275 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 7 255 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 5 240 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?

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