Intel Thunderbolt Share Software Enables Fast PC-to-PC Connectivity, Use Two PCs In Diverse Setups For Increased Productivity

Intel Thunderbolt Share Software Enables Fast PC-to-PC Connectivity, Use Two PCs In Diverse Setups For Increased Productivity

Intel has introduced a new PC-to-PC connectivity software called Thunderbolt Share that will allow users to connect two PCs for increased productivity.

Intel's Thunderbolt Share connectivity software is designed for creators, gamers and business users to do more with two PCs.

Currently, connecting two PCs and using them on one screen can be a hassle to set up. The software is there but it's not very robust and needs proper support which can be a pain for users. and allows users to easily connect and use two PCs. Both of them together.

Starting with the details, the key functionality of Intel's Thunderbolt Share is to provide ultra-fast PC-to-PC connectivity that gives users an easy, fast, and efficient way to increase the overall productivity of their PC experience. . You can not only share screens between two PCs but also access devices (keyboard, mouse) and storage files that are essential for business users.

So to list a few benefits:

  • Ultra-fast connections with high bandwidth and ultra-low latency using standard Thunderbolt cables
  • Fast PC-to-PC access to securely share screen/monitor, keyboard, mouse and storage
  • Quickly transfer data and files from an old computer to a new computer.
  • Sync folders or drag-and-drop files between PCs at Thunderbolt speed.
  • Hardware-based security – SMB/enterprise friendly
  • The new Thunderbolt-enabled PCs and accessories are offered, and work with all Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 products on Windows OS.

Intel actually did the math to back up this software development. According to statistics, average PC users (gaming, professionals, professionals) own at least 2 PCs in their home and split between laptop and desktop usage. Currently, the laptop reigns supreme as the “main PC” while the desktop is primarily used for higher end purposes. So one can expect that there is a lot of data on either device that users will want to transfer between each other.

The company also highlights a diverse and flexible range of configurations that can be achieved using Thunderbolt Share technology. You may have two PCs connected together, such as a desktop and a laptop PC, or two laptops connected either directly to a Thunderbolt-supported display or via a Thunderbolt dock.

The Intel Thunderbolt Share software suite will also come with an intuitive user interface that will simplify the sharing and syncing process. Dragging and dropping files will be instant thanks to the high speed provided by the Thunderbolt interface. Similarly, screen sharing will be seamless and will reproduce the original resolution of the source PC without Thunderbolt bandwidth compression artifacts or latency issues.

Intel Thunderbolt Share technology is coming to PCs and will also be licensed to OEMs as a value-added feature on their upcoming PCs and Thunderbolt accessories. The first partners to use the software include the likes of MSI, Lenovo, ACER, RAZER and more. A preview version of Intel Thunderbolt Share software is already available for download here..

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