Intel Secures All Of ASML's High-NA EUV Lithography Machines Set To Be Built This Year

Intel Secures All Of ASML's High-NA EUV Lithography Machines Set To Be Built This Year

Intel has placed its bet. ASML's high-NA EUV lithography technology For the future, orders are being placed for all machines to be built this year.

Intel manages to outpace competitors in securing cutting-edge EUV-lithography equipment from ASML by investing billions.

The election Intel is reportedly banking on the Dutch chipmaker's high-NA extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment, as the company reserves orders for all five to six kits, which are slated to be produced this year. Although not confirmed, Intel plans to use the magic of ASML within its upcoming 18A (1.8nm) and 14A (1.4nm), with the company's foundry division moving ahead of market rivals. Intended, and booking of high-NA EUV. Equipment can be quite beneficial for Team Blue, and we'll discuss the reason behind this later.

In addition to Intel, it has been revealed that market rivals such as Samsung and SK hynix are expected to receive initial shipments of high-NA EUV lithography machines, which could fall somewhere in the second half of 2025. This means that Team Blue has an edge on lithography machines, but they may be able to achieve high-end processes much faster than competitors, which means that in terms of the race to market, Intel is far ahead of the rest. Maybe, although we won't comment too much on production rates and processes. Utility, because that's a topic for another day.

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It has been reported that one unit of these high-NA EUV lithography machines reportedly cost 500 billion won, or about $370 million. Since Intel has reportedly acquired five to six units, the total investment could reach around $2 billion.

via ASML, Intel can once again try to restore its reputation in the market.and what better way than to throw vast amounts of money into high-end devices, also with money raised by American taxpayers, and then distributed through schemes like the CHIPS Act, which in the past I like Team Blue a lot.

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