Intel Pushes Out New Linux Patches For Lunar Lake & Xe2 GPU Ray-Tracing Enablement

Intel Pushes Out New Linux Patches For Lunar Lake & Xe2 GPU Ray-Tracing Enablement

Intel has accelerated the pace of enabling next-generation Linux as the firm pushed out major updates to Lunar Lake and the Xe2 GPU architecture.

Intel's latest Mesa patches also reveal the initial graphics device ID, focused on Lunar Lake and Xe2 GPU's ray tracing support.

Well, it seems like every other firm is rushing to support their upcoming Linux products. Intel also seems committed as the company has uploaded several patches ensuring viability for its future architecture.

Phronics reports that Intel engineers have been busy preparing their drivers for the upcoming Lunar Lake architecture since the firm uploaded new integration requests to MESA 24.2, including device information for CPUs and Xe2 graphics architectures. So early ray tracing support was focused on.

Speaking of Lunar Lake first, Intel has added a primer for Lunar Lake device information, including graphics PCI device IDs for the lineup. Interestingly, the firm has also added an “INTEL_FORCE_PROBE” environment variable to the corresponding PCI IDs, an attempt to allow Lunar Lake's graphics architecture to work with the driver even though it isn't fully supported. This move was also seen in the Xe kernel drivers, and is mainly for experimenting with peripherals, but it does indicate that we're close to official launch timelines.

The new graphics device IDs added with the experimental variable are 0x6420, 0x64a0, and 0x64b0. Additionally, initial support for Xe2 ray tracing was also mentioned in the 11 new patches added, although the details weren't too numerous to mention here.

So, with that, it's safe to say that Lunar Lake Linux adopters won't have to worry too much about out-of-the-box support for Linux. Still, there may be some compromises that may require some self-adjustment, such as a “rolling release distribution”.

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