Intel Panther Lake-H High-End Laptop CPU Spotted With 12 Next-Gen Xe3-LPG “Celestial” GPU Cores

Intel Panther Lake-H High-End Laptop CPU Spotted With 12 Next-Gen Xe3-LPG “Celestial” GPU Cores

Intel's Next generation Panther Lake-H CPUs for laptops The upcoming Celestial is seen with 12 Xe cores based on the “Xe-LPG” architecture.

Intel Panther Lake High-end Laptop CPUs to Feature 50% More Graphics Cores Based on Arc Celestial “Xe3-LPG” GPU Architecture

The information comes from within the shipping manifest that has been viewed. @miktdt and shows Intel Panther Lake-H CPUs with possible specifications. These chips should be very early prototypes as Panther Lake has already been in fabs since early Q2 and Intel may receive and sample the first chips for early evaluation purposes.

Coming to the specifications, the Intel Panther Lake CPU is listed here as an “H” SKU which represents the high-end laptop segment. The chip is also listed with 12 Xe cores and a new “GG3-CT” label, which may be a reference to the 3rd generation Arc graphics architecture codenamed Celestial.

Image source: @miktdt

What's interesting here is that the Panther Lake-H CPU is listed with 12 Xe cores, which is 50% more cores than the 8 Xe-cores currently featured on Meteor Lake chips and will remain the same on upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs. Should. Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs are also going to use next-generation “Xe2-LPG” GPU cores based on the Arch Battlemage architecture.

Intel's Celestial “Xe3-LPG” graphics architecture should be a huge upgrade over the current Alchemist and even the upcoming Battlemage GPUs. Having 50% more cores will make the iGPU perform much faster and we can also expect to use new types of memory to help increase bandwidth. 2025 is expected to be the year of LPDDR6 and faster LPDDR5X standards and this will certainly help.

Image source: Intel

Last month, Intel Confirmed that its Panther Lake CPUs were already in fabs and on track for a mid-2025 launch. Based on the information we have right now, these chips will use Cougar Cove P-Core architecture and Skymont E-Core architecture. They will house an advanced NPU that will provide 2x AI TOPs compared to Lunar Lake. Which itself is expected to offer more than 100 platform AI TOPs. Intel is also expected to use its own Intel 3 process node for the SOC tile while the iGPU tile is expected to be fabricated using an external node from TSMC, most likely the N3 or N3.

IDs for Intel's next-generation Panther Lake CPUs were recently spotted in CoreBoot, indicating GT3 and GT3 tier graphics chips. More on that here.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU family Panther Lake Lunar Lake Arrow Lake Meteor Lake Raptor Lake Alder Lake
Process Node (CPU tile) Intel 18 A Intel 20 A Intel 20 A Intel 4 Intel 7 Intel 7
Process Node (GPU Tile) TSMC 3/2nm? TSMC 3nm? TSMC 3nm TSMC 5nm Intel 7 Intel 7
CPU architecture Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid (four cores) Hybrid (Triple Core) Hybrid (dual core) Hybrid (dual core)
P core architecture Cougar Coo Lion Cove Lion Cove Redwood Cove Raptor Cove Golden Cove
E Core Architecture Skymont? N/A Skymont Crestmont Gracemont Gracemont
LPE Core Architecture (SOC) Skymont? Skymont Crestmont Crestmont N/A N/A
Top configuration TBD 4+4 (MX Series) TBD 6+8 (H-Series) 6+8 (H-Series)
8+16 (HX-Series)
6+8 (H-Series)
8+8 (HX-Series)
Maximum cores/threads TBD 8/8? TBD 14/20 14/20 14/20
Planned lineup H/P/U series V series H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series
GPU architecture Xe3-LPG (sky) Xe2-LPG (Battlemage) Xe-LPG (Alchemist) Xe-LPG (Alchemist) Iris Xe (Gen 12) Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU execution units TBD 64 European Union 192 European Union 128 EUs (1024 cores) 96 EUs (768 cores) 96 EUs (768 cores)
Memory support TBD LPDDR5X-8533 TBD DDR5-5600
LPDDR5X – 7400+
Memory Capacity (Maximum) TBD 32 GB TBD 96 GB 64 GB 64 GB
Thunderbolt ports TBD TBD TBD 4 (TB4) 4 (TB4) 4 (TB4)
Wi-Fi capability TBD Wi-Fi 7 TBD Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi 6E
TDP TBD 17-30W TBD 7W-45W 15-55W 15-55W
Launch. 2 AH 2025 2 AH 2024 2 AH 2024 2 AH 2023 1H 2023 1 AH 2022

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