Intel Confirms DDR5-8800 Memory For Granite Rapids “Xeon 6” CPUs, JEDEC DDR5-8800 For Next-Gen Servers

Intel Confirms DDR5-8800 Memory For Granite Rapids “Xeon 6” CPUs, JEDEC DDR5-8800 For Next-Gen Servers

Intel and JEDEC have identified DDR5-8800 memory capabilities for next-generation servers such as Xeon 6 “Granite Rapids” CPUs With up to 128 cores.

Intel Granite Rapids “Xeon 6” CPUs are running DDR5 memory at speeds up to 8800 MT/s as part of the updated JEDEC specs for next-generation servers.

a few days ago, JEDEC published its new JESD79-5C DDR5 SDRAM standard. which primarily focuses on elevating the performance and security features of next-generation server platforms. The main highlights of the standard include increasing the definition of timing parameters from 6800 Mbps to a staggering speed of 8800 Mbps.

  • Timing parameters definition extended from 6800 Mbps to 8800 Mbps
  • The addition of DRAM core timings and Tx/Rx AC timings is increased to 8800 Mbps compared to the previous version which only supported partial chunks of up to 6400 timing parameters and 7200 DRAM core timings.
  • Introduction of Self-Refresh Exit Clock Sync for I/O Training Optimization
  • Adding DDP (Dual Dye Package) timings
  • Deprecation of PASR (Partial Array Self-Refresh) to address security concerns

Although JEDEC only indicated that the new standard will be used in next-generation high-performance servers that will power AI and machine learning workloads, Intel itself spilled the beans when it Confirmed to use DDR5-8800 memory on my Granite Rapids “Xeon”. 6″ CPU platform that will ship later this year.

Revealed. Intel's recent MetaLama 3 benchmarks In which the company tested its Granite Rapids “Xeon 6” CPU. Although SKU information is not mentioned, the footnote mentions that the chip has 120 P-Cores and 240 threads (HT On) based on the Redwood Cove core architecture. The platform was a 2S configuration so you're looking at two 120-core chips for a total of 240 cores and 480 threads.

Image source: Intel

Based on The most recent spec leak, we can identify this SKU as the Xeon 6 6979P which is a 500W Granite Rapids-AP SKU compatible with the LGA 7592 socket and offers 12 memory channels. The platform was powered by 1.5 TB DDR5 memory (24 x 64 GB) running at 8800 MT/s, the first official confirmation of using such high-speed memory for servers.

Intel Xeon Processor: Measured on an Intel Xeon 6 processor (formerly codename: Granite Rapids) using: Intel 2x Intel® Xeon® Platinum, 120 cores, HT On, Turbo On, NUMA 6, Integrated Accelerators available (used) : DLB (Used) 8), DSA (8), IAA(8), QAT(8), Total Memory 1536GB (24x64GB DDR5 8800 MT/s (8800 MT/s))


For memory alone the DDR5-8800 speed will be a huge upgrade over the DDR5-4800 speeds that the 4th Gen Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” and DDR5-5600 speeds that the 5th Gen Xeon “Emerald Rapids” lineup support. does.

If IMC is great for server Xeon SKUs, we can expect the same silicon to be even better for consumer-focused platforms such as Upcoming Aero Lake-S desktop CPUs which will use the same Redwood Cove core architecture. Memory manufacturers have recently been gunning for speeds in excess of 9000 MT/s. And we may see better support for such DRAM modules with future platforms.

Next-Gen Intel Xeon vs. AMD EPYC Generational CPU Comparison (Preliminary):

CPU name Process node/architecture Core / threads Cache DDR memory / speed / capabilities. PCI General / LAN TDPs Platform Launch.
Intel Diamond Rapids Intel 3 / Lion Cove? TBD TBD TBD TBD Up to 425W Birch Stream 2025?
AMD EPYC Turin 3nm/Zen 5 128/256? TBD DDR5-6000 / 8 TB? PCIe Gen 5.0 / TBD Up to 600W SP5 2024
Intel Granite Rapids Intel 3 / Redwood Cove TBD TBD DDR5-8800 / 6 TB? PCIe Gen 5.0 / 136? Up to 500W Birch Stream 2024
Intel Sierra Jungle Intel 3 / Crestmont 144/144 TBD DDR5-6400/4 TB PCIe Gen 5.0 / 128? Up to 500W Birch Stream 2024
AMD EPYC Bergamo 5nm/Zen 4C 128/256 512 MB L3? DDR5-5600/4 TB PCIe Gen 5.0 / TBD? Up to 400W SP5 2023
Intel Emerald Rapids Intel 7 / Raptor Cove 64/128 320 MB L3? DDR5-5200/4 TB PCIe Gen 5.0 / 80 Up to 375W Eagle Stream 2023
Intel Sapphire Rapids Intel 7 / Golden Cove 56/112 105 MB L3 DDR5-4800/4 TB PCIe Gen 5.0 / 80 Up to 350W Eagle Stream 2023
AMD EPYC Genoa 5nm/Zen 4 96/192 384 MB L3? DDR5-5200/4 TB PCIe Gen 5.0 / 128 Up to 400W SP5 2022

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