Intel Battlemage Xe2 GPUs Reportedly On Hold, Celestial Xe3 GPUs Might Be Delayed Too

Intel Battlemage Xe2 GPUs Reportedly On Hold, Celestial Xe3 GPUs Might Be Delayed Too

Intel's next-generation ArcBattle Mage Xe2 and Celestial Xe3 GPUs could possibly be delayed or even canceled based on the latest posts. Golden Pig Upgrade on Weibo.

Intel Taking a Step Back on Arch GPUs? Battlemage Xe2 and Celestial Xe3 GPUs are delayed.

While there is no confirmation regarding the delay, the posts come from a highly reliable leaker and insider, Golden Pig Upgrade, who has been proven correct on numerous occasions when it comes to Intel and AMD mobility leaks. In the latest series of posts, he talks about Intel's next-generation ArchGPU family that will include Battlemage and Celestial.

Intel Arc Battlemage “Xe2” GPUs will be a major part of the next-generation Lunar Lake “Core Ultra 200V” CPUs that are expected to arrive later this year with wider availability planned for 1H 2024. We've already seen leaks of these chips with faster performance than the Alchemist and Alchemist+ chips. which indicates the use of an upgraded graphics architecture. It is still the Xe2-LPG or mobile version of the architecture while the high-end discrete GPU variant known as Xe2-HPG is reportedly delayed.

Image Source: Golden Pig Upgrade (via Weibo)

The second chip identified is the DG3 or Xe3 which is the code name for the Intel Arc Celestial graphics architecture. This architecture is expected. Intel's Panther Lake CPU family debuted as the Xe3-LPG iGPU. But the post seems to suggest that there won't be an Xe3 next year. Intel has already confirmed this. Panther Lake 2H is on track for a 2025 launch. And Intel's 18A will use Intel 3 and an external (TSMC) process node.

It is now unclear whether this rumor suggests a delay for discrete GPU families, integrated GPU families, or both. It's likely that discrete graphics development could take a step back as the company focuses more on its integrated graphics capabilities. There have already been reports that Intel's Arch Battle Mage “Xe2” Arch Graphics Cards Expected to Debut by Late 2024 And GPUs have appeared inside. Several patches, showing that the work is currently in progress..

So if Intel suddenly decides to delay or cancel these chips, it will be a big loss for many consumers and the tech community because it will suggest that Chipzilla is just about to introduce its first discrete product family. Abandoned their GPU development project after a year. The reason is that Intel has done a great job of fixing the performance of its Arch products through constant driver updates that include optimizations, fixes, and day-0/1 support for many new games.

Tuning for products like the Core Ultra has also been hugely helpful for things like the Arc GPU side of things. So if the company abandons the ArcGPU roadmap after getting a series of positive results, it would really be a waste of such efforts. We hope this is not the case and await more official information from the company.

Intel ARC Gaming GPU Lineup

GPU family Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe2-HPG Intel Xe3-HPG Intel Xe Next Intel Xe Next Next
GPU products ARC Alchemist GPUs ARC Alchemist+ GPUs ARC Battlemage GPUs ARC Celestial GPUs ARC Druid GPUs ARC E *** GPUs
GPU segment Mainstream Gaming (Single) Mainstream Gaming (Single) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete)
GPU General General 12 General 12 General 13? General 14? General 15? General 16?
CPU I GPU Xe-LPG (Meteor Lake) Xe-LPG+ (Aero Lake) Xe2-LPG (Lunar Lake) Xe3-LPG (Panther Lake) TBA TBA
Process node TSMC 6nm TSMC 6nm TSMC 4nm? TSMC 3nm? TBA TBA
Specs/Design 512 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU 512 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU 1024 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU TBA TBA TBA
Memory subsystem GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6(X)? TBA TBA TBA
Launch. 2022 2024 2024 2025? 2026? 2026+

Would you like to see Intel continue with its Arc discrete and integrated roadmap in the future?

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