Intel Arc Battlemage “Xe2” GPUs Expected To Launch By The End of 2024

Intel Arc Battlemage “Xe2” GPUs Expected To Launch By The End of 2024

Intel is expected to launch its next-generation Archbattle Mage “Xe2” GPUs by the end of 2024 and around Black Friday. Computer base.

Intel Battlemage Whispers: Next-Gen Arc “Xe2” GPUs Launching Before Black Friday 2024

While Intel hasn't announced or teased a launch date or timeframe for its next-generation Arc lineup based on the Battlemage “Xe2” GPU architecture, it looks like the next embedded world will launch sometime around 2024. There were some whispers about the race line-up. According to some reps and people on the show floor, Intel is targeting a late 2024 and pre-Black Friday 2024 release date for its next-gen family. Black Friday 2024 is scheduled for November 29th so we can expect some sort of announcement or unveiling in November followed by a retail launch in the coming months.

If true, the Intel Arc B-Series Battlemage will be around two years after the release of the “Xe2” GPUs. Arc A770 which launched at the end of October. So a November release doesn't seem out of place.

As far as we know about the Intel Arc Battlemage “Xe2” discrete GPUs, there are two SKUs that have been confirmed so far. BMG-10 and BMG-21. The former is the high-end SKU and the latter is the medium-end SKU. Both of these chips will be housed in the Xe2-HPG lineup, which represents the discrete GPU family but apart from that Lunar Lake which will host the Xe2-LPG iGPU will feature the same Battlemage graphics architecture.. These chips are also expected to debut later this year.

Previously, we also reported some rumored features for the Battlemage “Xe2” gaming GPUs including:

  • Next-Gen Memory Subsystem and Compression
  • Improved ray tracing
  • Improvements in micro-architecture
  • Next-gen ML-based rendering tech
  • Latest Deep Link Capabilities
  • Targeted Performance/Enthusiastic Gaming

Another feature we may see debut with the Battlemage Xe2 gaming GPUs is Intel's own. XeSS frame generation is expected to use frame extrapolation. The technique is the exact opposite of frame interpolation used by NVIDIA's DLSS and AMD's FSR algorithms. Intel's Tom Patterson already did. Cool new technologies and build fixes teased for Battlemage some time ago.

Recently, Intel Battlemage Xe2 GPUs have started appearing in benchmark databases and ES variants have also been spotted in shipping manifests so it looks like Intel is gearing up for a launch in the second half of 2024. doing. First Teaser of Battlemage at Computex 2024 Which is just a few weeks away.

Intel ARC Gaming GPU Lineup

GPU family Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe2-HPG Intel Xe3-HPG Intel Xe Next Intel Xe Next Next
GPU products ARC Alchemist GPUs ARC Alchemist+ GPUs ARC Battlemage GPUs ARC Celestial GPUs ARC Druid GPUs ARC E *** GPUs
GPU segment Mainstream Gaming (Single) Mainstream Gaming (Single) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High End Gaming (Discrete)
GPU General General 12 General 12 General 13? General 14? General 15? General 16?
CPU I GPU Xe-LPG (Meteor Lake) Xe-LPG+ (Aero Lake) Xe2-LPG (Lunar Lake) Xe3-LPG (Panther Lake) TBA TBA
Process node TSMC 6nm TSMC 6nm TSMC 4nm? TSMC 3nm? TBA TBA
Specs/Design 512 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU 512 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU 1024 EUs / 1 tile / 1 GPU TBA TBA TBA
Memory subsystem GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6(X)? TBA TBA TBA
Launch. 2022 2024 2024 2025? 2026? 2026+

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