Intel Announces Expansion to AI PC Dev Program, Aims to Reach More Software & Hardware Devs

Intel Announces Expansion to AI PC Dev Program, Aims to Reach More Software & Hardware Devs

Today, Intel announced that it is looking to further advance its AI PC Acceleration Program by offering a variety of new toolkits and toolkits designed for software and hardware AI developers under a new AI PC Developer Program sub-initiative. . Originally launched on October 23, the AI ​​PC Acceleration program was designed to connect hardware vendors with software developers, leveraging Intel's extensive resources and experience to develop a broader ecosystem. Gone is because the world is pivoting towards one driven by AI development.

Intel aims to maximize the potential of AI applications and software and expand the entire AI-centric PC ecosystem, aiming for AI within 100 million Intel-driven AI PCs by 2025. The AI ​​PC Developer Program aims to facilitate the adoption of new AI technologies and frameworks at scale. It provides access to various tools, workflows, AI-deployment frameworks, and developer kits, allowing developers to take advantage of the latest NPU found in Intel's Meteor Lake Core Ultra series of processors.

It also offers central resources such as toolkits, documentation, and training to help developers integrate their software and hardware with connected technologies from Meteor Lake (and beyond) to enhance AI and machine learning application performance. can allow Such toolkits are already widely used by developers, including Intel's open-source OpenVino.

Additionally, this centralized resource platform is designed to streamline the AI ​​development process, making it more efficient and effective for developers to integrate AI capabilities into their applications. It is designed to play a key role in Intel's strategy to not only advance AI technology, but also make it more user-friendly and adaptable for a variety of real-world applications.

Specifically, it is both a software and hardware play. Intel isn't just courting more software developers to harness its AI resources, it's also looking to get independent hardware vendors (IHVs) on board. OEMs and system assemblers are already largely covered by Microsoft's Windows certification requirements, but Intel wants to include individual component vendors as well. How can AI be used to improve audio performance? Show performance? Storage performance? This is something that Intel wants to explore.

We've made great strides with our AI PC acceleration program by working with the ecosystem. Today, with the addition of the AI ​​PC Developer Program, we're expanding our reach to go beyond the big ISVs and engage with small and mid-sized players and aspiring developers.“said Carla Rodriguez, vice president and general manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling.”Our goal is to drive a frictionless experience by offering a comprehensive set of tools, including a new AI-ready developer kit.

The Intel AI PC Acceleration Program provides 24/7 access to resources and early reference hardware so ISVs and software developers can create and optimize workloads before launching retail components. Developers can. Join the AI ​​PC Acceleration Program on their official webpage. or email AIPCIHV@intel.com For more information

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