Huawei Plans In-House HBM Production For Next-Gen AI Products Targeted At China

Huawei Plans In-House HBM Production For Next-Gen AI Products Targeted At China

Huawei is preparing to establish its own in-house supply chain of HBM memory, as the manufacturer supports the development of in-house HBM technology.

Huawei Technologies backs local HBM producers, set to start HBM2 production sometime in 2026 for Chinese AI market

Huawei Technologies, a group of firms focused on semiconductor and technology development, has begun turning its attention to the attractive HBM markets, according to a report. the information. The alliance now connects with companies involved in the memory business, such as Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit. It has been revealed that Huawei plans to mass-produce HBM chips sometime around 2026, with the initial technology expected to be the relatively old HBM2 while HBM4 is expected to be deployed by 2025-2026.. However, considering Chinese technological limitations, it's still decent.

Now, HBM plays an important role in the dynamics of AI markets, especially when developing AI accelerators, such as the Huawei Ascend chip, which Strong progress in domestic markets. In modern times, the supply of HBM is to a large extent limited in China, where top firms such as SK Hynix and Samsung are restricted from supplying their technology.

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To combat the disparity, the company has decided to go a step further with in-house HBM production, including new companies to form alliances and stimulate advanced chip production efforts. I help them.

While we can't comment on when Huawei might get a breakthrough with their HBM efforts, it's interesting to see them at least start collaborating with local companies for self-sufficiency. Realizing that HBM markets are moving fast, Huawei Technologies could be on its way to making some huge financial gains there, not to mention if HBM moves into local production. If so, what a big upgrade their Ascend AI chips will get, giving a boost. Chinese AI capabilities in the future.

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