How to watch 'Doctor Who': When does the new season premiere?

How to watch 'Doctor Who': When does the new season premiere?

Watch 'Doctor Who' season 14 online with these quick links:

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Oh new Doctor Who Weather is upon us — and it's the first season to launch on Disney+ and release simultaneously worldwide. So whether you're a dedicated Whoin or you've never heard the word Tardis before, it's an exciting time to dive into the Whoniverse.

The British TV show is clearly one of the longest-running scripted series in the world. The original series aired for 26 seasons beginning in 1963, while the revived series, which premiered in 2005, has 13 seasons. The upcoming release will be Season 14 (or Season One, or Season 40 – it's all very vague). If you are wondering how to watch the new season of Doctor Who When it premieres, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about this epic sci-fi series.

when? Doctor Who Season 14 coming to Disney+?

Doctor Who Season 14 premieres on Disney+ on Friday, May 10 at 7pm ET with two opening episodes. In the UK, the season kicks off on Saturday, May 11 at 12pm GMT on BBC iPlayer, followed by BBC One during the day. There will be eight episodes in total, with subsequent episodes airing weekly.

why is Doctor Who Season 14 is also called Season 1?

Not only is it the first season to premiere on Disney+, it's also the first season to star Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor – although she's already won over viewers in the latest. Christmas special And a surprise appearance at the end 60th Anniversary Episodes. While technically season 14 on paper, showrunner Russell T. Davis believes rebranding it as season 1 could help attract new audiences and reset the franchise a bit. Ultimately, this season will make history with Gutua as the first Black Doctor and explore more inclusive themes as well.

“Who's interested in Season 67, or whatever? It's a real reboot. The reason it's survived all these years is because every time, Doctor Who stops, opens the door and refreshes itself, and brings in a new audience,” Davis said. Interview with Rolling Stone.

How to see Doctor Who: The best Disney+ streaming deals

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But those people $50/month prepaid unlimited plan Six months of Disney+ can also be enjoyed for free, which is plenty of time to watch the new season of Doctor Who. However, you can extend those six months by switching to the $60/month plan instead.

Other ways to view Doctor Who: BBC iPlayer via VPN

If you live in the UK, are traveling to the UK, or just can't fathom adding Disney+ to your already packed streaming service collection, you can watch the new season of Doctor Who. BBC Player. You can access the entire season from the UK without any problems, but if you're based anywhere in the world, you'll need a VPN to unlock the geo-restriction. The good thing is that BBC iPlayer is free, so if you don't already have a VPN you only have to pay a small monthly fee.

A VPN can hide your real IP address and allow you to connect to a secure server in the UK, making BBC iPlayer think you're connecting to a local network. After that, you can not only watch the new season of Doctor Who, but also many other Whoniverse content right here in the United States.

Follow these quick steps to view. Doctor Who through BBC Player From the US:

  1. Sign up for a VPN (pick from our top below)

  2. Download the app on your device of choice.

  3. Open the app, sign in, and choose a server in the UK.

  4. Go to BBC iPlayer and watch Whoniverse

  5. Watch Doctor Who Free from anywhere in the world

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