How to put iPhone in recovery mode

How to put iPhone in recovery mode

It might not happen every day, but there's nothing more frustrating than our sweet, sweet technology failing us.

iPhones are no exception. If your screen is stuck. apple The logo is for a long time, or it prompts you to connect to your computer screen or just tells you that it is in recovery mode, then you just need to restore and restore it. Steps are to be followed.

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How to Put Your iPhone in Recovery Mode and Restore It

what do you need

  • iPhone

  • A laptop or desktop computer

Step 3: Open Finder, Apple Devices, or iTunes.

If you're on a Mac, use Finder. If you're on a PC, open Apple Devices. If you don't have the Apple Devices app or are using an older operating system. macOS Mojaveopen iTunes.

Step 4: Wait until the screen says “Connect to computer”.

Step 5: Press the following buttons in the following order.

If you have an iPhone 8 or later, you need to quickly press Volume Up, then Volume Down, and then hold down the Side button until you see Connect to Computer. . (7th generation iPhones will require you to hold the Side button and Volume Down button at the same time, while earlier iPhones will require you to hold the Side and Home buttons at the same time.)

Credit: Apple

Step 6: Locate your iPhone.

Once you Found your device, and if given the option, click Update (if there is no update, select Restore instead). If your iPhone exits the Connect screen at any point, repeat step 3 after the download is complete.

Step 7: Set up your iPhone.

Almost there! Once your update/restore is done, it's time. Set up your iPhone..

If you are looking for A guide on how to reset your iPhone, we've got you covered too..

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