Holistic AI, Founded by DeepMind Alumni, Secures $200M in Funding

Holistic AI, Founded by DeepMind Alumni, Secures $200M in Funding

Holistic AIGoogle's popular AI lab, a French startup led by former members of DeepMind, has successfully closed the first tranche of its initial financing round, raising a substantial $200 million, with the deal Familiar sources have revealed. The funding round consists of $80 million in equity and $120 million in convertible debt earmarked for computing power purchases, valuing the company at $370 million.

Notable participants in this financing round include venture firm Accel Partners LP, known for its early investments in tech giants like Facebook and Dropbox, and UiPath Inc., a leading automation software company. Notably, investors Wendy and Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, are also backing Holistic AI, highlighting the high-profile support the startup has received.

Founded by a group of scientists departing from DeepMind, Holistic AI boasts an ambitious agenda. Led by Charles Cantor, a former Venture Fellow at Stanford University's business school, and four veteran engineers with extensive experience in DeepMind, the startup focuses on “multi-agent” models where multiple AI systems talk to each other. Communicate to acquire advanced skills.

Holistic AI's mission revolves around developing AI models equipped with skills like memory, planning, and strategic decision-making—areas where traditional AI systems face challenges. Described in an investor presentation as aiming for “real AGI capabilities,” the startup wants to surpass existing major language models such as OpenAI's GPT and Google's Gemini.

The startup's strategic roadmap includes targeting different verticals and revenue streams beyond language processing, positioning itself as a pioneer in AI technology development. With plans to use the substantial funding to further train its models and expand into diverse markets, AI leverages the expertise of its DeepMind alumni to push the boundaries of holistic AI artificial intelligence. represents an important player in the scenario.

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