Here's how to get Windows 10 Pro for $31.99

Here's how to get Windows 10 Pro for $31.99

TL; DR: By April 30, Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. To include better security tools and better integration with Microsoft 365 — just $29.97 if you.

From basic integration with apps to software compatibility, upgrading your operating system can be an easy way to keep your old computer up to snuff a little longer, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. .

Windows 10 Pro isn't Microsoft's latest OS, but it's still one. Versatile operating system with 64-bit architecture, and you can use limited-time sales to get it cheap. Install Windows 10 Pro on your compatible device for just $29.97, but that's only if you get it in the next two days.

Make your old computer feel like new

Windows 10 Pro Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, so you can work from virtually anywhere. Remote workers can take advantage of the integration with Teams to keep in touch with their coworkers, and you can control your computer remotely from any device.

Instead of trying to remember all your passwords and login information yourself, use Azure Active Directory to make it easier. This means you can only need one password to access your computer, Microsoft 365, and all your other Microsoft services.

Upgrade your operating system.

Don't miss your limited-time opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for a lifetime.

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Get it by April 30 at 11:59pm PT. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Can be sold for USD 29.97.

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