Here's everything Apple just announced at its Let Loose event, including new iPad Pro with M4 chip, iPad Air, Apple Pencil and more | TechCrunch

Here's everything Apple just announced at its Let Loose event, including new iPad Pro with M4 chip, iPad Air, Apple Pencil and more | TechCrunch

Today is the day of the Apple iPad event, and we're ready to bring you all the iPad goodness you can stand, including if Some of the rumours There are truths of what is to come, viz A new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple Pencil and keyboard case. No time to look.? That's right—we've summarized the most important parts of the event below.

iPad Air with M2 chip

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The iPad lineup is getting a facelift today, and one of the most significant additions is that it now comes in two sizes, an 11-inch display and a 13-inch display. Pricing is $599 for the 11-inch and $799 for the 13-inch. You can pre-order today, and it will be available “next week.” Read more

And, as a special bonus, Apple finally puts the front-facing camera on the iPad's landscape edge. Read more

iPad Pro with M4

iPad Pro 5, Apple iPad Event 2024

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The iPad Pro is being touted as the thinnest iPad ever. Features include a visual experience with an OLED display in two panels called Tandem OLED. It also has a nano-textured glass option for reduced glare. And, it features the next generation of Apple silicon called the M4, a leap from the M2. It also has new notations for the 12.9-inch iPad Air and the Apple Pencil.

In the US, the 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $999 for the Wi-Fi model and $1,199 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. The 13-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,299 for the Wi-Fi model and $1,499 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. Read more

Inside the M4 chip

Apple M4 chip

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The M4 chip is the fourth generation of custom SoCs. These include a new display engine as well as significantly updated CPU and GPU cores. Base M4 chips come with 10 CPU and 10 GPU cores.

Apple claims the new CPU is 50% faster than the M2 chips that powered the last generation of iPad Pros, while the GPU will offer a 4x increase in rendering performance, all while still delivering the same performance per watt as the M3. offers Apple emphasized that the new GPU architecture features dynamic caching, hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing, a first for the iPad. Read more

Inside the tandem OLED

“We've always envisioned the iPad as a magical sheet of glass,” said John Terence, SVP, hardware engineering, during Apple's iPad event in Cupertino on Tuesday. “And with the new iPad Pro, we wanted to give users an even more remarkable visual experience.”

The company brought OLED to the iPad for the first time, suggesting that the technology helps achieve the brightness and color accuracy that iPad Pro owners want — but lacks brightness. The company solved that by creating a tandem OLED screen, which can support an incredible 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1,600 nits of peak HDR brightness for both SDR and HDR content. The company says no other device offers this level of display quality. Read more

Apple Pencil Pro

Apple Pencil Pro, Apple iPad Event 2024

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Shocking as it may seem, it's been almost a decade since the first Apple Pencil was announced in 2015. The stylus hasn't seen much in the way of updates since then. The most important one arrived in 2018, bringing magnetic charging to the line. Last year, meanwhile, saw the arrival of a less expensive model with fewer features and USB-C charging.

It comes in at $129. Many new features come with the Apple Pencil Pro. You can animate, move and rotate objects and even do lens blurring. Read more

Magic Keyboard

Apple, Magic Keyboard, Apple iPad Event 2024

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Apple announced a new and improved Magic Keyboard, its keyboard accessory for iPad. This is the first major revision since 2020.

Apple says the Magic Keyboard has been “completely redesigned” to be thinner and lighter, and now includes a function row for quick access to controls like screen brightness. In addition, the new Magic Keyboard features an aluminum palm rest and a larger trackpad. Apple says it's more responsive with haptic feedback.

The new 11-inch Magic Keyboard is available in the US for $299 and the new 13-inch Magic Keyboard is available for $349. It comes with layouts for more than 30 languages. Read more

The final cut camera

Apple's final cut camera

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The latest version of Final Cut Pro introduces a new feature to speed up your shoot: Live Multicam. It's a bold move from Apple, turning your iPad into a multi-cam production studio, enabling creators to connect and preview up to four cameras simultaneously in one place. From the Command Post, directors can remotely direct every video angle and dial exposure, white balance, focus and more within the Final Cut camera app.

The new companion app allows users to connect multiple iPhones or iPads (presumably using the same protocol as the Continuity Camera feature introduced a few years ago). Final Cut Pro automatically transfers and syncs every live multicam angle so you can seamlessly move from production to editing. Read more

AI improvements

Most of Tuesday's unveiling was with the hardware, however, there was some teasing of new AI improvements. It included the upgraded M4 chip, which you can read about above, which features a neural engine “dedicated to accelerating AI workloads.”

The company also hinted that better AI capabilities will soon be in the hands of iPadOS app developers, noting that the operating system software offers advanced frameworks like CoreML, and that developers can provide “powerful AI features.” will be able to tap into its neural engine to Right on the device.” Read more

Within the iPad lineup

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Apple has just updated two of its high-end tablets: the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. While the entry-level iPad didn't receive any updates, the company also dropped its price. And of course, yes, the iPad mini still exists.

Not sure which one is for you? Okay fine. We've got a rundown of all the iPads and what makes them different. Read more

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