Health insurance giant Kaiser will notify millions of a data breach after sharing patients' data with advertisers | TechCrunch

Health insurance giant Kaiser will notify millions of a data breach after sharing patients' data with advertisers | TechCrunch

US health group Kaiser is notifying millions of current and former members of a data breach after confirming it shared patient information with third-party advertisers, including Google, Microsoft and X (formerly Twitter).

In a statement shared with TechCrunch, Kaiser said that He conducted an investigation which found that “Certain online technologies, first installed on its websites and mobile applications, may transfer personal information to third-party vendors.”

Qaiser said that. Data shared with advertisers includes members' names and IP addresses, as well as information that may identify whether members were signed into a Kaiser Permanente account or service and how members “visited the Website and Interact and navigate through mobile applications, and search terms encyclopedia of health.”

Kaiser said it later removed the tracking code from its websites and mobile apps.

Kaiser is the latest health care organization to confirm it shared patients' personal information with third-party advertisers. Via online tracking codeoften embedded in web pages and mobile apps and designed to collect information about users' online activity for analytics. Over the past year, telehealth startups mental, Monuments and storms has removed tracking code from its apps that shared patients' personal and health information with advertisers.

Kaiser spokeswoman Diana Yee said the organization will begin notifying the 13.4 million affected current and former members and patients who accessed its websites and mobile apps. The notifications will begin in May in all markets where Kaiser Permanente operates, the spokesperson said.

Health giant Also filed the legally required notice. April 12, with the US government but confirming on Thursday that 13.4 million residents had information.

U.S. organizations subject to the health privacy law known as HIPAA are required to notify the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of data breaches of protected health information, such as medical data and patient records. Notify about Caesar Also informed California's attorney general blamed the data breach, but did not provide further details.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is the parent organization of several entities that make up Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health care organizations in the United States. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan provides health insurance plans to employers and 12.5 million members reported By the end of 2023.

The Kaiser breach is listed as the largest confirmed health data breach of 2024 on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

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