GT360 AIO Liquid Cooler & Orochi Twin-Tower Air-Cooler Launched But Aren't Official Scythe Products

GT360 AIO Liquid Cooler & Orochi Twin-Tower Air-Cooler Launched But Aren't Official Scythe Products

Recently, the GT360 AIO Liquid and Orochi Twin-Tower Air CPU coolers have appeared but despite the Scythe branding on them, they are not official products from the cooling manufacturer itself.

The GT360 AIO and Orochi Air CPU coolers are interesting designs but they are not from Scythe, but are made by a knockoff Chinese brand.

So, there's been a story behind Scythe's GT360 AIO since we first saw the product surface in January. After such Lakers @9550pro The company disclosed this. Denied promotion This. However, the product is listed on what appears to be the company's Chinese website. The reason the GT360 AIO CPU Cooler gained traction upon its initial unveiling was because of its working mechanism, which was something the markets hadn't seen before.

The GT360 AIO features a 360mm radiator with three 120mm fans on board, all featuring a black design to compliment the color scheme. Now, the more interesting part of the AIO is integrating the pump directly into the radiator pipes.


Although we are not sure why the manufacturer decided to make this modification, it could potentially have some performance benefits, as connecting the pump directly to the pipes would reduce thermal resistance and accelerate dissipation. because the distance between the CPU and the pump is reduced.

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The unique pump positioning may boost the GT360's AIO cooling performance, but I'm curious about the stress on the pipes, which could affect the longevity of the cooler but let's not get into that. Apart from the GT360, the company has also unveiled an all-new air cooler called the Orochi Twin Tower.

This cooler has a large design with eight heatpipe design as well as two 120 mm fans working at a maximum speed of 3000 RPM. Again, the air cooler comes with the company's branding in black design and circular engraving. The cooler supports AM4/AM5 and LGA 115x/1200/1700 platforms, making it ideal for modern adoption.

Scythe's cooling products are indeed well-known, and we've reviewed some of their products in the past. However, we can't be sure about the GT360 AIO liquid or Orochi air coolers as they themselves aren't from Scythe and we're yet to see how they perform in real-world conditions. In terms of pricing, the GT360 and Orochi twin tower coolers are listed on Chinese marketplace JD.com, but regional availability is yet to be confirmed.

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