Google Maps is bringing speed limits to iPhones

Google Maps is bringing speed limits to iPhones

Speed ​​limits are hitting. Google Maps On iOS and Carplay, Help iPhone– Use of global drivers.

According to Googlethe in-app speedometer “shows you how fast you're driving on the road”, while speed limit alerts will show drivers if they're going too fast.

The introduction of speedometers and speed limits in iPhones comes years after Android went private for the feature. Android users first got the tool back in 2019.

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The first Report by TechCrunchThe same features will appear when users start using navigation on Google Maps on their iPhones.

Users can now turn on the speed limit indicator by going to the Google Maps app and finding Settings, navigating to Navigation and selecting “Driving Options”. If this feature is enabled, the speed indicator will change color to push drivers to stay within the speed limit in their designated area.

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