Glaut Secures $1.4M Funding to Revolutionize Customer Research with Conversational Surveys

Glaut Secures $1.4M Funding to Revolutionize Customer Research with Conversational Surveys

Italian startup Glaut has announced the successful closing of a $1.4 million pre-seed round, marking a major milestone in its journey.

The funding round was led by the Italian Founders Fund, with participation from Brainstorm Ventures, Alcala 7, Ithaca, BHeroes, Club degli Investiture, Eden Ventures, Delris Capital, and prominent angel investors including David Clarke (former Workday executive). and Petro-Sicisi (Petro-Sisiciti) were involved. Executive).

With the new financing, Glaut plans to strengthen its product and tech team, further expand its customer research platform, and develop vertical solutions for diverse market research needs. The company aims to expand its global footprint and continue to provide leading solutions in the field of customer research.

Founders Matteo Cera and Giovanni del Gallo launched their mission in late 2023 to empower marketing teams at B2C brands with innovative customer and market research methods. Their platform introduces a new approach to surveys: conversational surveys.

Traditional quantitative surveys often fall short in providing deep insights and understanding the underlying reasons behind the data. Matteo Cera highlights this limitation, saying, “Our software combines customer research with a qualitative approach, engaging customers and consumers in meaningful conversations.”

Glaut's platform facilitates personalized follow-up questions, synthesizing answers into actionable business insights. Unlike traditional multiple-choice surveys, Glaut enables long-form, open-ended conversations, allowing participants to share their thoughts on brands, products and experiences.

The platform's user-friendly interface, similar to Google Forms, has attracted the attention of both research agencies and international brands. Notable collaborations include partnerships with research agencies Altum Insights, Marketagent, and Eumetra, as well as well-known brands such as Condé Nast, AutoScout24, and Mondadori Media.

Altum Insights partner Frank A. Spring praised Glaut's innovative approach, calling it “the fastest, deepest, most consistent way to collect qualitative data at scale.”

Pamela Sai, market researcher at Mondadori Media, shared her positive experience with Glaut, emphasizing the platform's ability to efficiently capture authentic respondent insights.

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