Get a beginner-friendly 4K dual-camera drone for $70 (yes, really)

Get a beginner-friendly 4K dual-camera drone for $70 (yes, really)

TL; DR: As of May 5, it A beginner-friendly 4K dual-camera drone It features intelligent obstacle avoidance and is available for just $69.97 ($119.99).

Have you ever wanted to? Get stunning aerial footage. Or just experience the thrill of flight? If you've put off using a drone because it seems complicated or intimidating, it may help to know that many drones include features to make the experience easier, even for those new to the drone game. too

This beginner-friendly 4K dual-camera drone is on sale for just $69.97 ($119.99) until May 5. For starters, it features three-way intelligent obstacle avoidance, which uses sensors to detect and avoid objects in its flight path.

with the HD 4K 90 degree front camera and 120 degree wide angle camera At the bottom, you'll be able to capture the sights from multiple angles. The bottom camera uses optical flow positioning to keep the drone in a stable hovering position, thus accurately recording the bottom view.

Beginners will also appreciate features like one-key start and stop, gravity control, and headless mode. You'll also be able to use gesture controls to take photos and videos. FPV transmission reaches up to 328 feet. And if you want to take it with you on camping, road trips, or hiking, the foldable, lightweight design (3.52 ounces) makes it possible.

The 4K drone combines ease of use, safety features, and excellent image quality, all at an accessible price.

This Beginner-friendly 4K dual-camera drone, featuring intelligent obstacle avoidanceavailable through May 5 for just $69.97 (Reg. $119.99).

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