GALAX Intros “OMEGA” PSU Lineup, Featuring Cybenetics Power Ratings, ATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0

GALAX Intros “OMEGA” PSU Lineup, Featuring Cybenetics Power Ratings, ATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0

GALAX has released a new PSU lineup, the “OMEGA” series, featuring Cybenetics certification and ATX 3.0 certification.

GALAX's OMEGA GLS and GLX PSU lineup aims to provide consumers with the best and most efficient option, ensuring durability.

GALAX has been active in the market when it comes to exploring other market domains, expanding from its mainstream GPU production. Now, the company has entered the PSU market with its latest OMEGA lineup, and the firm has released a total of five different SKUs, ranging from 500W to 1200W power delivery. Interestingly, all of GALAX's power supplies are certified by Cybenetics, an organization that uses ETA standards to rate PSU performance, and they have your usual 80 PLUS power ratings. are tougher than, which shows that GALAX's OMEGA series is really worth it.

Starting with the entry-level options, GALAX's OMEGA GL500S is a non-modular 80 Plus Bronze PSU and Cybenics Bronze certified power supply that doesn't differ much from the other options available. Moving on, the next option is the OMEGA GL650S, which is again similar to its 500W counterpart, except it comes with higher power delivery capabilities. Entering the mid- and high-end offerings, the GALAX GLX850 is a fully modular power supply unit PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0 ready and comes with both 80 PLUS Gold and Cybenetics Gold certifications.


For the high-end segment, GALAX introduces the OMEGA GLX1000 PSU, which is not only fully modular but also has 80 Plus Gold and Cybenics Platinum ratings for power-hungry PCs with its 1000W power delivery. Ensures excellent performance. However, if you want to go even further, the GLX1200 would be the option to look at as it is equipped with a 1200W PD, making it suitable for all types of consumer and professional builds.

We are yet to see pricing details on GALAX's latest PSU, nor has the firm revealed details about global availability. Still, the Omega series will most likely target the APAC region. GALAX's entry into the power supply market is indeed a bold move, and with Cybenetics certifications, they certainly seem worthwhile and more durable than other alternatives in the area.

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