FreeWire lays off just about everyone

FreeWire lays off just about everyone

FreeWire, known for its innovative EV fast charging solutions, has made the difficult decision to close its corporate headquarters in Newark and lay off the majority of its employees.

Despite its innovative technology, which uses batteries to store energy and provide fast charging without expensive utility build-outs, FreeWire has faced challenges maintaining its operations. Despite attracting the attention of prominent figures such as the Biden-Harris administration and partnerships with major brands such as Chevron and General Motors, the company has announced the closure of its primary business location on Gateway Blvd. in Newark, California, effective this June.

The closure is expected to affect all 113 of the company's onsite employees, as indicated in the mass layoff notice. The news has gained attention with reports circulating on platforms like The Layoff Tracker.

FreeWire established its presence in a massive 66,000-square-foot facility in 2022, serving as its global headquarters for research, development, testing and manufacturing.

The announcement comes amid recent developments in the EV charging industry, including Elon Musk's decision to lay off Tesla employees responsible for the Supercharger network. Events like this have created further uncertainty in the sector, potentially complicating efforts to find a potential savior for Freewire. While the company may find new opportunities, the current landscape indicates significant challenges facing players in the EV charging space.

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