Fortnite OG Returns With Reload Mode Featuring Tilted Towers

Fortnite OG Returns With Reload Mode Featuring Tilted Towers

Good news for Fortnite Fans: The popular game is getting some new additions with the June 22 Summer Update. The update includes a new game mode called Reload that will take players back to Tilted Towers, the OG Fortnite map.

Epic Games announced a new game mode. In a post on X on Friday, along with a seven-second teaser video. later on, Posted by the company a YouTube link Which leads viewers to the premiere of the Fortnite Reload launch trailer, which goes live on June 22 at midnight ET.

In addition to Tilted Towers, Epic Games is bringing back some other classic Fortnite favorites, including Pleasant Park, Lil Loot Lake, and Retail Row. Other points of interest include Lazy Laps, which appear to be the racetrack point of interest from the OG Chapter 1 map, and Sandy Sheets, which will lead players to the beach.

Players will explore the OG map while playing in Fortnite's new game mode, dubbed Reload. Epic Games has not officially explained what the game mode will include. however, The Lakers have said This is similar to the regular battle royale mode, except that players can respawn as long as one of their squad mates is alive.

The players have. Already started the comparison New game mode Call of Duty: Warzone Resurgence Game mode, which has the same premise. In revival, 40 players drop into a map and duke it out until only one team is left standing. Your team members can spawn as long as at least one team member is alive.

Fortnite map showing Leaning Towers and Lil Loot Lake Fortnite map showing Leaning Towers and Lil Loot Lake

Fortnite's teaser trailer revealed the return of the Tailed Towers along with other Fortnite points of interest.

Epic Games

When is Fortnite Reload released?

The company posted on X on June 21 that the all-new mod is coming “tomorrow,” meaning June 22.

It's been almost half a year since players last saw the Leaning Towers. Epic Games brought back the map during Chapter 4: Season OG, which was officially Season 27, Chapter OG. It lasted from 3 November 2023 to 2 December 2023. At the time, Epic Games themed the story of traveling back in time to Chapter 1 and reliving moments from Chapter 1: Season 5 to Season X.

Image from the new Fortnite update Image from the new Fortnite update

Fortnite fans, get ready to block out some gaming time.

Epic Games

The OG Fortnite map and new reload mode won't replace anything. Players can engage with the new add-ons as they wish without losing any of the existing game modes.

For now, people can only speculate what will be in the loot pool. However, it's not easy to guess that it will have some OG Fortnite swag, like Chapter 4: Season OG.

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