Farewell, dunks? Threads launches quote controls for all users | TechCrunch

Farewell, dunks? Threads launches quote controls for all users | TechCrunch

Threads users can now have more control over who can cite their posts.

It builds on a feature that already allows users to limit who can access threads. Reply on their posts (competing services like X and Bluesky offer similar feedback controls). Threads Outlined his plans for quote control. Last month, and last night Adam Mossery – who leads both Threads and Instagram for parent company Meta. Announced that this feature is available for all users..

“I hope this helps keep threads a more positive space and gives people more control over their experience,” Mosseri wrote.

As of Saturday morning, the ability to limit quotes does not appear when I log into Threads on my desktop web browser, but it is available in the Threads mobile app. The quote and reply controls appear to be bundled together in a single drop-down menu, where users can open the conversation to “anyone” or limit it to “profiles you follow” or “only mentioned”. can limit These controls should make it difficult to “sting” others, where users refer to someone else's post to make them look dumb.

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“But dunking is good!” you say. “I the need Be able to tell your followers when someone has posted something dumb, offensive or stupid on X/Threads/Bluesky/Mastodon.”

Fair enough: I enjoy a good sting as much as anyone when I'm not about to crash. Fortunately, the ability to screenshot and share someone's post explaining why it's dumb/offensive/otherwise objectionable. This makes it less likely that a succession of dunks will make the original post go viral.

And that means, in theory, the original poster can scroll on, blissfully unaware that someone on the internet is saying the wrong thing about them.

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