What you should do if your ethernet stops working



How to fix a PC with Ethernet issues

How to fix a PC with Ethernet not working.You need to know if the ethernet is working
or not in order to get it fixed. You can turn the Wi-Fi off to know if ethernet
is working or not. If Windows has access to both ethernet and Wi-Fi it can tell
you if you do the above. When ethernet connected and Wi-Fi off your windows
will give priority to ethernet and Wi-Fi will be displayed as an icon
notification. Your PC must have a Switch to turn Wi-Fi off.

Once you are able to turn off Wi-Fi, you
need to ensure ethernet is enabled. Type view network in start menu’s search
field and there click on view network connections. There you will see the option
of “Local Area Connection” and below it, if you see “not connected” you need to
right-click it and enable it.



If this little trick doesn’t work,

then you
need to makes some changes in the hardware. First plug out the cable from the
port on the router and put it in other available ports in the router. If that
resolves the problem then this means your router is defective and you need to
replace that. Though of course you can use the same one of you are not in need
of using all ports of the router. If the problem is not in the router then you
need to switch the ethernet cable with a working one. You can borrow a one from
your friend or even buy a new one if you have to. If that solves the issue,
then your cable was defective and you can just get a new one or might have
already got a new one.

If all this also doesn’t work, then on PC
is left which could have problem. But now you need to know is there are problem
with PC’s hardware or operating system? It is quite simple to understand.



Just set up a Live Linux flash drive or
disc and boot your PC from that. If it still doesn’t work even with Linux then
it’s a hardware problem and you need a professional’s help to get through that.
However, if it does work on Linux it means the issue is with operating system
so you should reinstall ethernet drivers, which should solve the issue. Boot
from your windows and type Device manager in Start menu’s search field and
there click on network fields which should expand it. There find ethernet
adapter and right-click on it and choose uninstall. After uninstalling, reboot
the PC and drivers will be reinstalled.

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