Elliot Page's 'Close to You' trailer promises a moving tale of going home again

Elliot Page's 'Close to You' trailer promises a moving tale of going home again

Eliot Page's sympathetic drama about identity, family, and homecoming, close to youis almost in theaters, and a stunning new trailer has been released.

Directed and written by Dominic Savage, who co-wrote the story with Page, close to you Made a huge impact after premiering at last year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This is Page's first feature film acting role since 2017 (he stars in Netflix's Umbrella Academy though), and the film was made after that. He came out as trans in 2020.

Page plays Sam, who returns to his Canadian hometown after four years in exile. While in Toronto, Sam reluctantly attends his father's birthday, but it's not all celebration as Sam has a lot of unresolved issues with his parents and old friends. But romance is also on the horizon with Sam's past flame.

“The saying 'You can never go home again' speaks to the indifference of time.” Mashable film editor Christy Pichko wrote in her review. “Sure, you can always go back to your hometown, but “you” and “home” will never be the same again. That's the dilemma faced by the trans protagonist in the indie drama. close to you, fronted and produced by Elite Page. After years of personal struggle, Sam is finally on good terms with himself. But what happens when it goes back home – and to family – that doesn't understand?”

close to you In theaters on August 16.

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