EK Unveils Direct Die Cooling Solutions For Today's Hot Intel Core & AMD Ryzen CPUs

EK Unveils Direct Die Cooling Solutions For Today's Hot Intel Core & AMD Ryzen CPUs

E.K The unveiling Multiple Direct DiCPU waterblocks with AMD's Ryzen AM5 and Intel's Core LGA 1700 processors.

Current gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs run really hot, something EK wants to address with its Direct DiCPU cooling solutions.

A year ago, EK Waterblocks introduced its first mainstream direct-diCPU waterblock, designed expressly for Intel CPUs. Since its inception, there has been a significant increase in users choosing to delde their CPUs as modern chips are getting hotter and hotter, see Intel 14th Gen Lineup Or AMD's high-end Ryzen 7000 CPUs for example.

Building on this trend, EK just released the first all-in-one CPU cooler designed for Delled Intel and AMD CPUs, a product that has received extremely positive feedback and acclaim.

AMD Socket AM5 Direct DiCPU Cooling

First up is the highly anticipated EK Direct Die solution for Socket AM5 AMD Ryzen CPUs. Countless hours of engineering and testing have gone into these products to ensure consistent performance results and a user-friendly installation process. Unlike other solutions that require modification to the existing cold plate, this water block has a cold plate specifically designed for Delled AM5 Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs.

The mounting mechanism differs from the Velocity² direct die water block, as it relies on the four corners of the water block being perpendicular to the die guard instead of a cold plate contacting the die guard. The entire fin structure is adjusted on the chiplet itself for 100% flow, but more details on this topic will be available in the coming days when these AMD specific direct die CPU water blocks are available for order.

Intel LGA 1700 Socket Direct DiCPU Cooling

Next up will be an all-new Intel LGA1700 waterblock built from the ground up, specifically designed for Dellded CPUs. It has improvements that benefit 14th generation CPUs and shares almost no parts with the previous Intel Direct Die water block released a year ago. It includes a purpose-built cold plate, cooling fin structure, and mounting mechanism. To ensure maximum contact with the CPU, it relies on standoffs at all four corners of the water block, eliminating concerns about applying too much or too little pressure to the bare CPU die. goes, just like the AM5 direct die water block.

EK understands that the LGA1700 Velocity² Direct Die product does not meet everyone's expectations, as recorded in some of the feedback and sentiments from the PC enthusiast community. For customers unsatisfied with their Velocity² Direct Die purchase, we offer the option of shipping replacement cold plates and die guards free of charge. If these replacement parts do not solve the problem, customers can request a full refund for the water block.

To show love and support to early adopters of the EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die Water Block, every owner of said water block is eligible for a 15% discount on the upcoming Velocity² Direct Die Core Edition water block and Velocity² Direct Die AMD Is. Risen Edition. These editions have been redesigned for increased stability and improved thermal performance while maintaining CPU die safety.

Customers who have purchased Water Block from EK Shop can directly contact EK Customer Support to get the discount coupon code via email, while those who have purchased it from any other official retailer can contact EK Customer Support directly. Contact this retailer for Note: Only those are eligible for discount. Coupon codes will be valid till 31.05.2024.

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