Eazeye Radiant, Meet Your First Transflective LCD Touchscreen Monitor – PC Perspective

Eazeye Radiant, Meet Your First Transflective LCD Touchscreen Monitor – PC Perspective

A Beach of Life with Easy Radiant

The idea behind the transflective LCD display is brilliant, a solution for anyone who wants to work or watch videos while outdoors. Instead of looking at your laptop screen while trying to shade it from direct sunlight to prevent the image from washing out, you can sit in full sunlight. You need to be careful about reflections, otherwise you'll get annoying glare in the sun's reflection. Applying a matte coating to the display will interfere with sunlight reflecting in, so it's a glossy screen by design.

On the other hand, the contrast ratio just can't compare to a fully backlit display, so if you were thinking of using it to edit photos or create art, you'll be disappointed. The same goes for watching movies, the lack of contrast will reduce your enjoyment even though the overall image will definitely be sharper than your laptop and bigger than your phone. You don't need to lug around a power source, as you can see in the pictures the maximum brightness of the backlight is 30% more than the additional brightness provided by the ambient light around you.

If you want an outdoor screen to watch something from your phone while relaxing on the beach, you won't find another product that matches the Eazeye Radiant. If you're new to camping, it'll let you watch YouTube videos to help you set up camp, and charge your phone with a solar panel or battery when you get the hang of it. will The $700 asking price is a bit steep, but the price reflects its unique features and the fact that it doesn't benefit from the cost-effectiveness of mass production.

It will be exciting to see what Louis Huang comes up with next, having pioneered the design, production and sale of unique products. Here's hoping for more exciting projects from him in the future.

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