'Dìdi' trailer is a perfect look at growing up online in the 2000s

'Dìdi' trailer is a perfect look at growing up online in the 2000s

Coming-of-age drama trailer didi (弟弟) has arrived, and it's gone straight. Hearts of thousands of years of nostalgia.

Established in 2008, didi follows Chris (Izaac Wang), a 13-year-old Taiwanese-American boy growing up in San Francisco. The film offers a snapshot of life as a young teenager when the world was going digital, though it focuses specifically on the experience of first-generation children—including Chris's relationship with his family and his mother ( Juan Chen's) expectations.

Scored appropriately. MGMT's 2007 bop “Baby,” didi's trailer doesn't rely solely on the media of the time to evoke its setting. Instead it revels in the unique teenage experiences of the time, from making skateboarding videos with a camcorder to destructive drag. JackStunts inspired to watch weird instructional videos on how to kiss on YouTube for beginners. Then, of course, there were the clumsy private conversations with your crush late at night.

Written and directed by Academy Award nominee Shaun Wang. Featuring a cast of primarily first-time actors, didi won 2024 Sundance Film Festivalof the US Dramatic Audience Award and the US Dramatic Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast.

didi It hits theaters on July 26.

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