Dendra Systems Raises $15.76M in Series B Funding for Large-Scale Reseeding Efforts

Dendra Systems Raises $15.76M in Series B Funding for Large-Scale Reseeding Efforts

Dendra SystemsThe climate technology company, headquartered in Oxford, has secured $15.76 million in Series B funding to further develop its Ecology platform, which uses large-scale land reseeding initiatives. Leverages AI and drones to restore

Dendra Systems has already demonstrated successful terrestrial restoration in diverse environments, including arid, tropical, and coastal regions, from desert ecosystems to mangrove forests. Collaborating with major mining companies, the company is actively involved in land restoration projects, particularly in the UAE, with the country's ambitious plan to restore 100 million mangroves by 2030 through the analysis of 20,000 hectares of coastal habitat. Supporting the target.

The company offers an end-to-end restoration OSTM solution, including high-resolution data capture, drone-based seeding, and an AI-powered ecosystem insight platform. This innovative approach facilitates targeted and rapid deployment of restoration efforts at scale with ongoing monitoring, management and reporting in multi-year plans.

Dr. Susan Graham, CEO of Dendra Systems, expressed pride in having the support of experienced investors to accelerate the company's growth. The funding will enable Dendra Systems to expand its AI-powered restoration solutions to diverse ecosystems around the world, helping to reverse biodiversity loss and mitigate the effects of climate change. Help will come.

John Haglin, partner at Zook Capital, emphasized the urgent need to revitalize the planet's ecosystems and praised Dendra Systems for its proactive approach to global ecosystem monitoring and restoration. Zouk Capital is leading the Series B round, underscoring its commitment to broaden its impact and support Dendra's mission to address environmental challenges.

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