Dell's “Mega” Leak Confirms Next-Gen Laptop CPUs: Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake, 2nd & 3rd Gen Snapdragon X Chips

Dell's “Mega” Leak Confirms Next-Gen Laptop CPUs: Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake, 2nd & 3rd Gen Snapdragon X Chips

A mega leak has surfaced focusing on Dell's next-generation laptops that will include Intel's Panther leak, Nova leak and the upcoming Snapdragon X chips.

Dell's massive leaked CPUs include Intel Panther Leak, Nova Leak, Qualcomm Snapdragon X 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen

A document outlining Dell's next-generation XPS product portfolio and product plans talks about several upcoming chips. This leak is quite significant and should not have been public but it has spilled the beans on several upcoming laptop CPUs from Intel, Qualcomm and AMD. The roadmap shows the following release schedules for Dell's XPS lineup (not representative of actual release timeframes for these chips):

  • Lunar Lake-MX “Core Ultra 200V” – September 2024
  • Aero Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 200” – January 2025
  • Qualcomm Oryon “Snapdragon X V2” – July 2025
  • Panther Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 300” – October 2025
  • Nova Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 400” – October 2026
  • AMD Next-Gen XPS “Ryzen AI HX” – January 2027
  • Qualcomm Oryon “Snapdragon X V3” – October 2027

Intel Panther Lake and Nova Lake in 2025-2026 followed by Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake this year.

Launching the first Intel lineup, the company first talks about the next-generation availability schedule. Arrow Lake-U, Arrow Lake-P, and Arrow Lake-H chips. It seems so Lunar Lake-MX Which is going to target thin and light designs will be the first to come out. Lunar Lake will be branded under the “Core Ultra 200V” family and will feature a total of 8 cores (4 P + 4 LP-E), Battlemage “Arc Xe2-LPG” GPU with 8 Xe-Cores, up to 32 GB LPDDR5X -Package memory and NPU capable of more than 100 AI TOPs (total accumulated).

Dell expects the first designs to be ready in late 2024 while Arrow Lake-U/P/H CPUs are going to hit the shelves from early 2025 (Q1). Although no exact model is listed, it looks like these chips will be offered alongside NVIDIA's latest Blackwell gaming GPUs under the RTX 50 series. We know that Arrow Lake is going to scale from 2 P-Cores + 6 E-Cores to 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores with the latest Lion Cove and Skymont core architectures. The chips will also include Alchemist and Alchemist+ Xe-LPG(+) iGPUs and enhanced NPU capabilities.

After that, Intel will have Panther Lake ready to arrive in the first half of 2026 featuring mainly the Panther Lake-H series along with the latest Blackwell RTX 50 GPU lineup for laptops. Will be. Panther Lake is expected to feature the latest Cougar Cove P-Cores and Skymont E-Cores. Dell mentions performance entry and XPS 14 variants with 40W TDP around the same timeline by mid-Q2 2026. The company will also introduce an updated Lunar Lake-MX SKU with a 20W TDP in 2026 under the XPS 13 design.

Finally, Intel is expected to introduce Nova Lake as a next-generation offering that will come in 20W, 40W, and 80W TDP options. Dell is expected to launch an XPS 16 performance laptop in the first quarter of 2027.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU family Panther Lake Lunar Lake Arrow Lake Meteor Lake Raptor Lake Alder Lake
Process Node (CPU tile) Intel 18 A Intel 20 A Intel 20 A Intel 4 Intel 7 Intel 7
Process Node (GPU Tile) TSMC 3/2nm? TSMC 3nm? TSMC 3nm TSMC 5nm Intel 7 Intel 7
CPU architecture Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid (four cores) Hybrid (Triple Core) Hybrid (dual core) Hybrid (dual core)
P core architecture Cougar Coo Lion Cove Lion Cove Redwood Cove Raptor Cove Golden Cove
E Core Architecture Skymont? N/A Skymont Crestmont Gracemont Gracemont
LPE Core Architecture (SOC) Skymont? Skymont Crestmont Crestmont N/A N/A
Top configuration TBD 4+4 (MX Series) TBD 6+8 (H-Series) 6+8 (H-Series)
8+16 (HX-Series)
6+8 (H-Series)
8+8 (HX-Series)
Maximum cores/threads TBD 8/8? TBD 14/20 14/20 14/20
Planned lineup H/P/U series V series H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series
GPU architecture Xe3-LPG (sky) Xe2-LPG (Battlemage) Xe-LPG (Alchemist) Xe-LPG (Alchemist) Iris Xe (Gen 12) Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU execution units TBD 64 European Union 192 European Union 128 EUs (1024 cores) 96 EUs (768 cores) 96 EUs (768 cores)
Memory support TBD LPDDR5X-8533 TBD DDR5-5600
LPDDR5X – 7400+
Memory Capacity (Maximum) TBD 32 GB TBD 96 GB 64 GB 64 GB
Thunderbolt ports TBD TBD TBD 4 (TB4) 4 (TB4) 4 (TB4)
Wi-Fi capability TBD Wi-Fi 7 TBD Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi 6E
TDP TBD 17-30W TBD 7W-45W 15-55W 15-55W
Launch. 2 AH 2025 2 AH 2024 2 AH 2024 2 AH 2023 1H 2023 1 AH 2022

Snapdragon gets V2 and V3 upgrade with next-gen Orion core from 2025

moving towards Qualcomm Snapdragon X platformsIt looks like Dell is going all-in on the new platform with the launch of its first laptops in the middle of the current year in both 10-core “Plus” and 12-core “Elite” offerings. Dell's roadmap also shows that the company is well underway on its V2 2nd Gen and V3 3rd Gen Orion-powered CPUs which are expected to launch by late 2025 and 2027 respectively if all goes well. According to the plans.

Dell's XPS will bring back Red Action after more than a decade of absence by incorporating AMD CPUs into future designs.

An AMD-powered XPS 16 laptop has also been mentioned which will include a performance tier variant although details regarding which generation or family will be used are pretty slim. The laptop is scheduled for a 2027 release so we can expect the same. Zen 6 or its successor The first laptop in over a decade to feature on the XPS lineup from Dell.

AMD Ryzen Mobility CPUs:

CPU family name AMD sound wave? AMD Kraken Point AMD Fire Range AMD Strix Point Halo AMD Strix Point AMD Hawk Point AMD Dragon range AMD Phoenix AMD Rembrandt AMD Cezanne AMD Renoir AMD Picasso AMD Raven Ridge
Family branding TBD AMD Ryzen 9040 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 8055 (HX-Series) AMD Ryzen 8050 (H-Series) AMD Ryzen 8050 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 8040 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 7045 (HX-Series) AMD Ryzen 7040 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 6000
AMD Ryzen 7035
AMD Ryzen 5000 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 4000 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 3000 (H/U-Series) AMD Ryzen 2000 (H/U-Series)
Process node TBD 4nm 5 nm 4nm 4nm 4nm 5 nm 4nm 6 nm 7 nm 7 nm 12 nm 14nm
CPU core architecture Zen 6? Zen 5 Zen 5 Zen 5 + Zen 5C Zen 5 + Zen 5C Zen 4 + Zen 4C Zen 4 Zen 4 Zen 3+ Zen 3 Zen 2 Zen + Zen 1
CPU Cores/Threads (Maximum) TBD 8/16 16/32 16/32 12/24 8/16 16/32 8/16 8/16 8/16 8/16 4/8 4/8
L2 cache (max) TBD TBD TBD 24 MB 12 MB 4 MB 16 MB 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 2 MB 2 MB
L3 cache (max) TBD 32 MB TBD 64 MB 24 MB 16 MB 32 MB 16 MB 16 MB 16 MB 8 MB 4 MB 4 MB
Maximum CPU clocks TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 5.4 GHz 5.2 GHz 5.0 GHz (Ryzen 9 6980HX) 4.80 GHz (Ryzen 9 5980HX) 4.3 GHz (Ryzen 9 4900HS) 4.0 GHz (Ryzen 7 3750H) 3.8 GHz (Ryzen 7 2800H)
GPU core architecture RDNA 3+ iGPU RDNA 3+ 4nm iGPU RDNA 3+ 4nm iGPU RDNA 3+ 4nm iGPU RDNA 3+ 4nm iGPU RDNA 3 4nm iGPU RDNA 2 6nm iGPU RDNA 3 4nm iGPU RDNA 2 6nm iGPU Vega enhanced 7nm Vega enhanced 7nm Vega 14nm Vega 14nm
Maximum GPU cores TBD 12 CUs (786 cores) 2 CUs (128 cores) 40 CUs (2560 cores) 16 CUs (1024 cores) 12 CUs (786 cores) 2 CUs (128 cores) 12 CUs (786 cores) 12 CUs (786 cores) 8 CUs (512 cores) 8 CUs (512 cores) 10 CUs (640 cores) 11 CUs (704 cores)
Maximum GPU clocks TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 2800 MHz 2200 MHz 2800 MHz 2400 MHz 2100 MHz 1750 MHz 1400 MHz 1300 MHz
TDP (cTDP down/up) TBD 15W-45W (65W cTDP) 55W-75W (65W cTDP) 55W-125W 15W-45W (65W cTDP) 15W-45W (65W cTDP) 55W-75W (65W cTDP) 15W-45W (65W cTDP) 15W-55W (65W cTDP) 15W -54W(54W cTDP) 15W-45W (65W cTDP) 12-35W (35W cTDP) 35W-45W (65W cTDP)
Launch. 2026? 2025? 2H 2024 2H 2024 2 AH 2024 Q1 2024 Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q1 2022 Q1 2021 Q2 2020 Q1 2019 Q4 2018

The thing about this leak is that there's no definitive idea of ​​what the Dell XPS lineup will look like, as it's just a roadmap followed by suggestions for next-generation solutions. Given that Intel, AMD and Qualcomm may change their product plans in the coming years, the roadmap could change a lot but it provides a glimpse of what one of the tech industry's major OEMs will look like in the coming year. What to expect from

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