Dell XPS 15 Repair in KL & Selangor | Battery Replacement

Dell XPS 15 Repair in KL & Selangor | Battery Replacement

Laptops are essential tools for work and personal life, but what happens when they fail? This article explains how to diagnose and fix a common problem for the popular Dell XPS 15 – a dead battery – including step-by-step guidance for owners trying to repair themselves and a specialist near them. Information about finding help.

Understanding the problem: Swollen batteries in Dell XPS 15 models

Dell XPS 15 laptops are well known for their performance and sleek design. However, one known issue is related to their batteries. Over time, some XPS 15 batteries can swell due to factors such as heat or age. This swelling not only disrupts the functionality of the touchpad, but can also cause the laptop to become completely unresponsive.

Customer case study

Here is a recent example from one of our Kuala Lumpur clients:

“My XPS 15 suddenly stopped working. I suspected the battery based on some online research, especially after noticing that my touchpad was becoming difficult to use. I was relieved to open the laptop myself. was not, so I turned to KL Computer Services to solve the problem.

Diagnosis: How to know if your battery is the culprit

Before replacing anything, let's make sure the battery is really the problem:

  • Physical examination: Look for any visible signs of bulging or leaking from the base of your laptop.
  • Power adapter check: To rule out the power supply as a cause, if available, try a different compatible Dell XPS 15 charger.
  • BIOS Settings: Enter your BIOS (usually by pressing F2 or F12 during startup) and look under the “Battery Information” section for any error messages.
  • Software Tools: Use these:
    • Deal Evaluation: Run diagnostics by pressing F12 during startup.
    • Battery Management Software: Access the battery health status in Windows Settings or use a third-party tool such as BatteryInfoView.

Image – Dell XPS 15 battery

Repair process (for experienced users)

Warning: Disassembling the laptop yourself is dangerous and may void your warranty. Always seek professional help if you lack confidence.

  1. Identify and source alternatives:

    • Contact Dell Support with your service tag to obtain an official replacement and price.
    • For third-party options (Amazon, Navig, etc.), strictly verify compatibility.
  2. Prepare your workspace:

    • Download your XPS 15's service manual for specific disassembly instructions.
    • Use an anti-static wrist strap and work on a clean, non-conductive surface.
    • Backup valuable data as a precaution.
  3. Replace the battery:

    • Follow the manual carefully to access and remove the old battery.
    • Connect the new battery securely, double-checking all connections.
    • Reconnect your laptop.
  4. Check after repair:

    • Try powering on by unplugging the charger.
    • Run Dell Diagnostics and/or use a battery monitoring tool to assess the health of the new battery.

Image – Swollen laptop battery from Dell XPS 15 (9570).

Costs, timelines, and parts sourcing

Prices and repair times vary by battery, labor, and where you are located. Contact KL Computer Services for detailed quotes and time frame for your Dell XPS 15 battery replacement. We can source both OEM (original) deal parts and reliable third party replacements.

Important Considerations

  • If your laptop is still under warranty, always prefer Dell Support for official diagnostics and covered repairs.
  • Improper handling of swollen batteries poses a safety hazard. Dispose of the old battery responsibly at a tech recycling center.

Image – Dell XPS 15 (9570) battery holding screw.

KL Computer Services: Your local laptop repair experts in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Facing similar problems? Do not risk further harm or injury. KL Computer Services offers diagnostics and expert repairs on your Dell XPS 15 or other laptop models. We serve the major areas of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Find us at: 1st Floor, 36-1, Jalan 2/23a, Taman Danu Kota, 53300 Wilayah Persikutuan, Kuala Lumpur

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