DeepCool Mystique 240/360 AIO Review: Strong cooling performance with a fancy 2.8″ display

DeepCool Mystique 240/360 AIO Review: Strong cooling performance with a fancy 2.8″ display

Today's review will explore the performance of the 360mm and 240mm versions of the latest. Mystical Series AIOs from Deepcool. The standout feature of this line is a 2.8″ bright LCD screen that can display system usage statistics or your favorite media file, but that's not all! They also feature upgraded pumps and fans compared to previous DeepCool products. Included.

DeepCool is one of my favorite cooling brands, and is constantly improving the performance and value of its products. I've been impressed with a number of their products, including some very unique ones Assassin IV WH which I reviewed earlier.


  • Strong thermal performance
  • Fancy LCD screen
  • Reasonable price

Cons of

  • A pre-release review sample had a coil sound.
  • $179.99 MSRP for the 360mm version

Fancy 2.8” display

The most prominent feature of the Mystique 360 ​​is the included 2.8″ display powered by an upgraded version of DeepCool's software. Using the DeepCool software, one can adjust the display to show various performance metrics. can customize or even display an animated image or movie file

You'll need to download DeepCool's software to customize the display or upload a video file, otherwise it'll just show a plain background with DeepCool's branding. The software is quite simple and in fact, I've included a few screenshots of the custom areas below.

Full RAM Compatibility*

Like mostly Unlike other AIOs on the market, the Mystique 360 ​​doesn't interfere with DIMM slots or overhang – making it compatible with any height RAM!

You will see an *star in the description – full RAM compatibility is only possible if you install the CPU block in the default 6 O'clock orientation. If you install the CPU block in the 3 o'clock orientation you won't be able to use all the DIMM slots – the tubes push against the RAM stick and can cause problems.

Cable management Velcro straps

Included with the unit are 2x cable management velcro straps to keep the AIO cables nice and tidy.

Pre-applied Deep Cool DM9 thermal paste, large copper base

Deep Cool includes its high-end DM9 thermal paste that is pre-applied to the cooler's large copper CPU contact plate.

Pre-installed fans

Most manufacturers do not secure the fan to the device's radiator, leaving it up to the user to install. DeepCool pre-installed the Mystique 360 ​​fans, saving time and simplifying installation for the end user.

Rotatable braided tubing

The AIO tubing is braided and the connections to the CPU block are rotatable for ease of installation and routing.

Latest generation in-house design pump, anti-leak technology

The Mystique 360 ​​features DeepCool's latest liquid pump technology, with slightly higher thermal efficiency and performance improvements over the pumps included in the LS/LT series of AIOs. As with all DeepCool AIOs, anti-leak technology is incorporated into the design to prevent damage to other components that could somehow damage the AIO.

Packaging and included materials

Cooler is protected during shipment by molded cardboard, plastic lid and foam top covering. Included with the cooler:

  • CPU block with 360mm radiator and 2.8” display with pre-installed fans
  • Increasingly for Intel and AMD platforms
  • 2x Velcro cable management straps
  • 1x PWM extension cord
  • User manual

Test platform configuration and testing procedure

CPU Intel i7-13700K
Motherboard MSI Z690 A Pro
Computer case be quiet! Silent base 802

I have experimented. Intel's i7-13700K To explain how this cooler works. System The system is tested with full-power workloads, two low-wattage loads, and noise-normalized settings.

Observant readers may notice that noise graphs start at 35 instead of zero. This is because my sound meter cannot measure sound levels below 35 dBA. This makes it “zero” for testing purposes. For those who are concerned that this may distort the results – no worries. If anything, the graphs above will understate the difference in noise level because dBA measurements are logarithmic.

Intel i7-13700K cooling and sound results

Maximum cooling power

Most coolers reach TJ Max, the CPU's maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, when power limits are removed with Intel's i7-13700K. However, the strongest AIOs are able to keep that CPU at its peak temperature even under stressful conditions. The 360mm version of DeepCool's Mystique AIO passed this test, but it matched the performance of high-end coolers from Thermalright, TeamGroup, and MSI very well.

The 240mm version didn't pass the test because the CPU reached its maximum temperature and throttled very slightly. The 240mm version I tested was a pre-release version that also suffered from pump wine, so it's possible that the retail versions performed better. Even so, it averaged 237W of cooling during testing, making it one of the best results that technically didn't pass the test.

Maximum noise level

Performance is only part of the picture, noise levels are just as important. At 47.7dBA for the 240mm version and 50 dBA for the 360mm version, these coolers can get a bit loud – right on the edge of my personal comfort level. I would suggest applying fan curves to avoid these higher results, as the cooler performs very well even when limited to low noise levels – as next to the noise normalization results. The set will appear.

Noise normal performance

For noise normalized testing, I set the fans to a low 38.2 dBA. This is a slightly audible noise level, but won't bother most users. This test best demonstrates DeepCool's generational improvements over previous generation AIOs, with the Mystique 360 ​​able to handle 7W more than the LT720.

175W results

While maximum performance is important, most of the time you won't be pushing the CPU to its limits. It's good to see how the cooler performs under more normal conditions, and most users won't use more than 175W in normal use.

DeepCool's Mystique AIOs performed very well thermally with a 175W load. At 50C over ambient, the 360mm version tied for the second best result shown in this benchmark. The 240mm version was only 2C hotter, tied with EKWB's Nucleus AIO.

But that's only part of the picture – how much noise does it make in a situation like this?

While noise levels are moderate for DeepCool's Mystique AIOs with a 175W load, noise levels with the Mystique 360 ​​are similar to the other AIOs shown here. The 240mm performed slightly better, at just 41.4 dBA. However, it should be noted that both noise levels are a regression compared to the previously tested LT720 – this comes down to the included fans.

125W results

125W is the lowest power level I test, and is similar to what users will use in demanding games with this CPU. While I've tested and shown the thermal results, they're not really a concern as even Intel's stock cooler will keep the CPU cool enough under such workloads. That said, both models in DeepCool's Mystique lineup performed well at 38 and 39 degrees at 23C ambient temperatures.

With a 175W load, the noise level of the Mystique series was slightly higher than DeepCool's previous generation AIOs. However, with lower wattage workloads the Mystique series shows a significant improvement over the previous generation DeepCool AIOs reaching 39.6 dBA with a 125W load.

Noise level, more than anything else, matters in such light loads. With a recorded measurement of just 37.3 dBA, DeepCool's Mystique 360 ​​was running quieter than the sound of my system's fans — pushing the noise floor to 37.3 dBA. This is a very good result, and means that the AIO runs very quietly under normal conditions.

Unfortunately, the Mystique 240 did not fare well as it suffered from pump wine. However, this was a pre-release review sample and this issue should not be present in retail units.


DeepCool's Mystique AIOs deliver a unique aesthetic with strong thermal performance and a customizable 2.8″ display. If you're interested in this AIO, it's currently available. NewEgg for $179.99 USD for the 360mm version and $149.99 USD for the 240mm version.

If you want similar thermal performance but are looking for a more value-friendly model, Deep Cool's LS720S Zero Dark is currently available on Amazon for just $99.99 USD.

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Good performance with fancy LCD screen

  • Strong thermal performance
  • Fancy customizable 2.8” LCD display
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  • Maximum noise level
  • High price

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