DDR5 Memory Will Soon Hit “Over 9000” As V-Color Unveils 8600 MT/s Overclocking Spec Under Its Manta XFinity Series

DDR5 Memory Will Soon Hit “Over 9000” As V-Color Unveils 8600 MT/s Overclocking Spec Under Its Manta XFinity Series

DDR5 memory speeds keep getting faster as V-Color unveils its latest 8600 MT/s spec overclocking kit under the Manta XFinity series.

V-Color unveils Manta XFinity DDR5-8600 memory kit, designed for overclocking and ready for next-generation platforms

Both AMD and Intel will launch their next-generation desktop platforms Ryzen 9000 “Zen 5” And Core Ultra 200 “Aero Lake” CPUs. These platforms will be designed to take full advantage of faster memory speeds and as such, the VColor is showcasing the fastest DDR5 spec ever. Manta X Finity Series With a transfer speed of up to 8600 MT/s.

News for the newspaper: v-color technology inc. unveiled its latest advancement in memory technology, the Manta XFinity series, which now boasts speeds up to 8600MHz with the XMP profile.

The series is already gaining recognition in the overclocking community by taking third place in the memory frequency rankings at HWBOT, and is poised to make an even bigger impact with its enhanced overclocking capabilities. Tested with Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs on the new ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790I Lightning WIFI, and PHANTOM GAMING B760I Lightning WIFI, these advancements ensure unmatched performance and reliability for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The V-Color Manta XFinity series DDR5 memory kit with an overclocking speed of 8600MHz is designed to be compatible with the INTEL XMP profile using Intel Core 14th Gen CPU, which ensures an easy integration and demands Provides faster performance for users.

  • ASRock Z790I Lightning Wi-Fi supports QVL. The link

Benchmark results and memory frequency ratings

Extensive benchmark testing has confirmed the exceptional performance and reliability of the XFinity series, solidifying its position as a top choice for overclocking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Phantom Gaming Z790I Lightning Wi-Fi:

Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi:

Availability will be announced.

Although an exact release date is yet to be confirmed, the new Manta XFinity Series memory kit with a clock speed of 8600MHz is expected to enter the market in mid-June, first on v-color's website and social networks. will be available.

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