Corsair Enters Workstation Memory Market with WS Series XMP/EXPO DDR5 RDIMMs

Corsair Enters Workstation Memory Market with WS Series XMP/EXPO DDR5 RDIMMs

Corsair has it. introduced A family of ECC-registered memory modules designed for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 7000 and Intel's Xeon W-2400/3400-series processors. New Corsair WS DDR5 RDIMMs with AMD EXPO and Intel XMP 3.0 profiles will be available in capacities up to 256 GB and speeds up to 6400 MT/s.

Corsair's family of WS DDR5 RDIMMs Includes 16 GB modules operating at up to 6400 MT/s with CL32 latency and 32 GB modules operating at 5600 MT/s with CL40 latency. Currently, Corsair offers a quad-channel 64 GB kit (4×16GB, up to 6400 MT/s), a quad-channel 128GB kit (4×32GB, 5600 MT/s), an eight-channel 128 GB kit (8×16GB, 5600 MT/s), and an eight-channel 256 GB kit (8×32GB, 5600 MT/s) and it remains to be seen if the company will expand the lineup.

Corsair's WS DDR5 RDIMMs are designed for AMD's TRX50 and WRX90 platforms, as well as Intel's W790 platform, and are therefore compatible with AMD's Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000 and 7000WX-series, as well as Intel's Xeon W-4300. Also compatible with /CPUs-2400. The modules feature both AMD EXPO and Intel XMP 3.0 profiles to easily set their JEDEC-spec settings and come with thin heat spreaders made of pyrolytic graphite sheet (PGS), which are the same thickness of copper. and thermal conductivity compared to aluminum. For now, Corsair does not disclose which RCDs and memory chips its registered memory modules use.

Unlike many of its competitors among the leading DIMM manufacturers, Corsair didn't introduce its enthusiast-grade RDIMMs when AMD and Intel released their Ryzen Threadripper and Xeon W-series platforms for extreme workstations last year. It's hard to say why, but perhaps the company wants to gain experience working with Registered Clock Drivers (RCDs) as well as platforms from AMD and Intel.

The result of the delay looks quite rewarding: unlike its competitors' modules that feature AMD EXPO or Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, Corsair's WS DDR5 RDIMMs come with both. While this may not be important in the DIY market where people know exactly what they're buying for their platform, it's a great feature for system integrators, both for their AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Intel Xeon W-series. Corsair WS can use DDR5 RDIMMs. makes, something that greatly simplifies their inventory management.

Because Corsair's WS DDR5 RDIMMs are aimed at workstations and are tested to deliver reliable performance beyond JEDEC specifications, they are quite expensive. The cheapest is the price of the 64 GB DDR5-5600 CL40 kit. $450the fastest 64 GB DDR5-6400 CL32 kit costs $460While the highest priced 256 GB DDR5-5600 CL40 kit $1,290.

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