Computer Repairs Ashbury NSW 2193

Computer Repairs Ashbury NSW 2193

We have repaired PC computers, laptops, and Apple Macs for thousands of customers in and around Ashbury NSW 2193.

We specialize in all brands, incl Deal, Lenovo, HP, appleAcer, ASUS, Gigabyte, Clevo, Razer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, and others.

We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of home and small business IT systems. We know your computer better than ours!

We serve. SydneyDowntown, Inner WestEastern Suburbs, and North West Sydney Area.

Repair service now available in Ashbury NSW 2193

Our team provides computer repair services near Ashbury NSW 2193. Safemode is easy to access. We are close to bus stops and the train station, so it's a quick 10 minute journey from Ashbury by bus or car. Direct bus routes such as the 415 and 491 can bring you directly to Safemode.

We have been providing computer repair services since 2004. From 2016 to 2022, we ranked first 3 computer repair shops. In Sydney

We strive to provide the best experience to our customers while also providing highly professional services to help you repair your computer. If your computer is not working, there is no charge!

We provide a wide range of services, including

We are committed to providing you with the best computer repair experience, even if your issues are not listed above.

why us

Why choose Safe Mode Computer Service Marrickville?

  • Quote on the spot: Over the years, we've developed a unique system to diagnose your computers problem in minutes and provide you with a free quote on the spot. We provide no-obligation quotes, so you can choose whether or not to proceed with a quote.
  • Most repairs are completed the same day: Our technicians diagnose and repair your computer using professional, field-tested equipment. With our years of experience, we can be quick.
  • Quality is not compromised: Only the best and highest quality spare parts are used to repair your computer. We only use parts from reputable suppliers. Most spare parts, such as batteries, screens, and hard drives, come with a standard one-year warranty. Repair parts are free during the warranty period.
  • No fix, no fee: Making mistakes is natural. Your computer may not always be repairable. If we're unable to repair your computer using the recommended solution, we'll either fix it for free or refund your money.
  • We do all of these: Your one stop for all Windows PCs, email troubleshooting, hard drives and servers.
  • Open 7 days a week, no appointment necessary.: You no longer need to book an appointment, just bring your computer to our shop during opening hours.
  • Walk-in/delivery services available.: Our computer repair shop is open 7 days a week and does not require an appointment, so walk-in service is accepted. Unable to leave your home or office? We offer courier pickup and delivery services to make things easier. After your computer arrives at our computer workshop, we will test and make an offer. Even better, if you accept our offer, we'll waive the courier charges (T&Cs apply).
  • Price guarantee: Who doesn't love great deals? If you have a quote from another repair station, please bring it to us, and we will beat it by 5%. We hope we can provide a better experience for our customers and save you money!
  • Oh green planet: Repair is always cheaper than replacement. Repairs also help reduce E waste. “As consumers, the best we can do is curate what we have and buy only what we need.” We also work together. E-waste recycling companies. If you don't want your computer repaired, you can send it to e-Waste Recycling for free.

Visit our computer repair shop near Ashbury NSW 2193

Bring a computer to a Marrickville computer repair shop.

Our computer repair shop is open 7 days a week, just 5 minutes from Ashbury NSW 2193, and no appointments are necessary. Just bring your computer here and we'll give you free quotes. After accepting the quotes, your details will be noted down, and all you have to do is wait for a call from us when your computer is ready!

If you are unable to visit our repair shop, we can offer home/office service to repair your computer at your location.

I'm running out of disk space, do you offer an SSD upgrade?

Weird computer problems

Running out of disk space? Looking for a storage upgrade? Safe Mode Computer Service can certainly help you with an SSD (solid state drive) upgrade. Here's how the process might work:

1. Consultation:

  • Contact. Safe Mode Computer Service For consultation. Share details about your current storage capacity, usage patterns, and any specific requirements you have for an SSD upgrade.

2. Diagnosis:

  • Our expert technicians at Safemode can evaluate your current system to determine SSD upgrade compatibility. They will also consider factors such as available slots, form factor, and additional hardware requirements.

3. SSD Selection:

  • Based on your needs and budget, Safe Mode Computer Service Can recommend suitable SSD options. They will consider factors such as storage capacity, read/write speed, and brand reliability.

4. Installation:

  • Once you've chosen an SSD, Safe Mode Computer Service Can handle the installation process. This involves opening up your computer, connecting the new SSD, and making sure it is recognized by the system.

5. Data Transfer (Optional):

  • If you want to transfer your existing data from an old drive to a new SSD, Safemode can help with the data transfer. This ensures a smooth transfer without losing any files or settings.

6. System Optimization:

  • After SSD upgrade, Safe Mode Computer Service Can optimize your system settings to take full advantage of SSD performance benefits. This may include adjusting the storage configuration and making sure the operating system recognizes the new drive.

7. Testing and Quality Assurance:

  • Before handing your system back, Safemode will perform a thorough test to ensure that the SSD is working properly. This includes checking for any potential problems and verifying that the system is running smoothly.

8. Post Upgrade Support:

  • Safe Mode Computer Service Provides post upgrade support to address any questions or concerns you may have after the SSD upgrade. They can also offer suggestions on how to maintain and increase the performance of your new SSD.

Upgrading to an SSD can significantly improve your computer's speed and responsiveness, and Safemode Computer Service is there to make the process hassle-free. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your storage needs and get expert guidance on choosing and installing the right SSD for your system! 💽🚀

How much does it cost to repair my computer?

We provide you with a free quote prior to the repair. Computer repair costs vary depending on the make, model, and problem of the computer. We follow the price list, which is according to each model and issue. We do not employ an hourly wage system. Please refer to us. Pricing and information page For more information.

How long will it take to repair my computer?

In most cases, you can receive your computer the same day or the next business day. The good news is, Ashbury NSW 2193 is right next to us. More computer repair shopRepairs are usually done the same day.

We keep a great deal of spare parts on hand. Nevertheless, sometimes an item is out of stock and we must order it from our suppliers. It will take about 3 to 5 business days. However, if you need a shorter repair time, express mail is 1 to 2 business days, which will add additional costs.

Ready for us to repair your computer?

Do not hesitate to contact us during our opening hours!

come visit Our Sydney computer repair store or call 1800 85 83 82 or 02 9516 2966 For any questions.

Alternatively, you can email info@safemode.com.au or Send us a message online

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