Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me – DML Computer Repair

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me – DML Computer Repair

If you're looking for computer repairs and upgrades, you've come to the right place. This blog talks about many aspects Computer repair And upgrade near me.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: Dos and Don'ts

There are many aspects of computer repair and upgrades that you should not do. First, you should never call a computer repair company and ask for diagnostics or upgrade advice over the phone. In fact, I recommend you visit. PC repair shop And meet them face to face. Second, don't try to order parts and upgrade the laptop yourself. For obvious reasons, you should consult a computer repair technician before inserting incompatible parts and/or dismantling your computer. Make sure you do enough research before hiring a computer repair shop. Finally, make sure your upgrade has good quality parts. In fact, you should always ask your computer technician what parts are going into your computer. This will avoid any surprises in the future with parts breaking down too soon. If a computer tech in my area uses cheap parts, they will need to be replaced immediately.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: Computer Upgrade Secrets

If you're like most people, you like to upgrade when your computer is already in the shop. You can “look under the hood” since you've got it in the shop. Unfortunately, this may not be the best way to upgrade your computer. When you're ready to upgrade, there are two things you should do. First, you may want to do some research on your computer and write down a list of computer parts that can be upgraded. Sadly, this part you will be doing alone without help. Second, you should take your list and share it with a good computer shop that specializes in upgrades. Most reputable shops do not charge for diagnostics, such as DML Computer Repair. If you do your own research, you won't be surprised by the sections and recommendations. In fact, you will be able to understand the computer technician and their recommendations. You may also have some questions of your own.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: Cost of Upgrades

I get tons of people every day who want to know how much it will cost to upgrade their computer. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult question to answer when generalized. For example, asking how much it will cost to upgrade your “computer” or “device” does not help with pricing. In fact, you want to give the model or serial number and why you want to upgrade. With the model number we can determine the cost of the upgrade. Typically, most laptop upgrades cost around $200 and desktops around $150.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: Finding the Right Computer Store

Speaking of upgrades, where do you go to upgrade your computer? In this day and age, there is a computer shop on every corner. Who do you trust with your computer? Should you look on Google and play roulette with the plethora of choices? If you go this route, make sure you call potential computer shops and get some basic information. When you call make sure you say “I'm looking for a shop to do some upgrades, you don't mind if I ask you a few questions”. Ask them about their location, free computer evaluations and if their computer techs are certified. The answers don't matter as much as how patiently the computer tech answers you. Computer technicians usually answer the phone the same way they fix computers. In fact, if a PC tech is rushing through answers, it may be an indication that they are also rushing through computer repairs. Additionally, I always prefer small mom and pop shops that rarely disappoint.

Computer repair and upgrades near me: Upgrades gone wrong.

A client called me the other day, explaining that he had upgraded his CPU and now his computer wouldn't work. Thinking like a computer technician, I assumed he was talking about a computer tower, not a laptop. This is because laptop CPUs are not upgradeable. When he came into the office, his computer was in pieces, and it appeared that he had banded around his CPU to get it out. Unfortunately, on laptops, CPUs are permanently attached to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded. Yesterday I had a similar client who installed her new hard drive and her computer was not working. It said, “I installed the hard drive and now I can't see my files or folders”. It took him several minutes to explain that he needed special software to clone his old hard drive to his new hard drive.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: You Shouldn't Upgrade It

There are many things that don't need to be upgraded, and are quite frankly a waste of your hard-earned money. First, your peripherals (such as keyboard and mouse) should only be upgraded if they are working. I know people who upgrade their peripherals once a year, but that's completely unnecessary. Second, RAM should only be upgraded if your computer needs it to run a program or game. In fact, most gamers have more RAM than they ever need, which is wasteful. Third, desktop cases should not be upgraded unless they are damaged. There are very few circumstances under which a case would need to be replaced. Instead, save your money and upgrade your hard drive to have an extra gazillion gigabytes on your computer.

Computer Repair and Upgrades Near Me: The Downfall of Upgrades

Sometimes when you upgrade a piece of hardware, the computer doesn't work the way it did before. For example, a 500 GB SSD hard drive replaced by a 1TB mechanical hard drive will be slower. In this case, a cheaper hard drive was purchased for more space, but this will affect how fast the computer works. In fact, something as simple as getting a new fan for your desktop can affect your computer. If your new fans are doing the same noise canceling as your original fans, you may experience some unwanted noise. In this case, the “upgrade” is more of a nuisance than a helpful upgrade.

Computer Repair & Upgrades Near Me: Free Evaluations for Upgrades?

As a computer repair technician, it still amazes me that more PC repair shops don't offer free computer diagnostics. Fortunately, computer stores like DML Computer Repair still offer free evaluations. Why is diagnostics important when upgrading your computer? Actually, there are two reasons for this. First, if there's something wrong with your computer, you want to know before you upgrade. Second, diagnostics can give you the best computer parts to put into your computer. I would highly recommend getting a free PC evaluation before upgrading.

Computer repair and upgrade near me

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