BLUETTI's Solar+ Program Expands to CA, MA, and NC, Empowering Homes with Hassle-Free Solar Solutions

BLUETTI's Solar+ Program Expands to CA, MA, and NC, Empowering Homes with Hassle-Free Solar Solutions

BLUETTI, a leading provider of energy storage solutions, has expanded its Solar+ program, One stop solution for solar migrationFrom March 14, 2024 in three new US states.

After its successful launch in Texas last year, BLUETTI is now expanding its services to California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. This strategic initiative aims to provide homeowners with a seamless path to achieving energy independence and reducing utility costs through comprehensive solar and battery home power solutions.

The proliferation of these states is rooted in the realities of their power. According to Statista, California has the highest number of power outages in the United States with 4,297 between 2008 and 2017, with North Carolina and Massachusetts tied for 8th and 13th, respectively. Frequent power outages highlight the need for backup systems, while rising utility bills further emphasize the demand for alternative energy solutions.

Average residential retail electricity prices in Massachusetts and California are the highest in the nation, at 28.02 and 26.72 cents per kilowatt-hour, respectively, compared to a national average of 17.1 cents by September 2023, Statista data shows. are more than average.

This combination of factors creates an ideal business environment. BLUETTI'S SOLAR+ PROGRAMwhich promises affordable and reliable power solutions for home backup and bill savings.

Zola, Vice President of BLUETTI highlighted, “Many of our customers have reported experiencing significant reductions in their electricity bills after being protected from power outages and joining the Solar+ program. This free solar energy made possible by the use of and the highest energy consumption. load shifting characteristics in the time-of-use areas.”

The Solar+ program offers a comprehensive solar energy solution, optimizing solar energy utilization and energy management. The modular BLUETTI battery system seamlessly integrates with rooftop solar panels, storing and supplying electricity to ensure uninterrupted energy during outages or nighttime use.

“For example, a household with a 6kW solar and 10kW battery system could potentially reduce its monthly electricity costs by $98, down from the typical $150 to $200, with a 30% tax credit for the solar installation. After implementing the financial plan.

By participating in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) plan, homeowners can further increase their savings. The BLUETTI power system can be connected to the grid, allowing excess solar energy to be sold back for additional revenue, thus covering initial costs and potentially generating substantial income over time.

Investing in a solar battery system like this appears to be a foolproof decision, offering immediate savings on energy costs and reducing losses during power outages, as well as potentially increasing property value in the future. Is. However, 30% of potential users are discouraged from adopting it due to procedural complexity, bureaucratic paperwork, and associated miscellaneous tasks.

gave BLUETTI SOLAR + program Strives to simplify the process of going solar and make it accessible to every home. This commitment stems from its mission to provide clean and reliable energy for all.

“Solar+ is the shortcut to achieving energy independence through solar energy. From equipment manufacturing to design, financing, installation, and ongoing service, we handle every aspect of Solar Switch with premium care, “It saves both time and money for our customers. They only need to use one app to deal with a brand and control everything,” BLUETTI's vice president stressed.

Starting a solar journey with BLUETTI ensures personal support every step of the way. Through a free consultation with BLUETTI energy experts, homeowners get a tailored and conceptual solar system design based on their preferences and needs. Once accepted, BLUETTI manages all aspects, from paperwork and permit application to installation and inspection, making the process as easy as ordering a pizza online.

BLUETTI's commitment extends beyond installation, with ongoing support provided by dedicated project managers who address questions, maintenance needs, and system optimization. Financing options are also available upon request.

Such reliable solar systems, with good service support, need not come at a premium price. Leveraging decades of expertise in renewable energy, BLUETTI optimizes cost efficiency and ensures a competitive end price without compromise. This approach allows clients to secure a Comprehensive solar and battery solutions Investing in just one solar system cost from BLUETTI

BLUETTI VP concluded that “BLUETTI Solar+ makes it easy to adopt solar energy, transforming you from just an energy consumer to a clean energy producer. It saves your wallet and the planet, and is more sustainable.” contributes to the future,” concludes the BLUETTI VP.

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Committed to a sustainable future, BLUETTI provides affordable green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Through initiatives such as the Lighting an African Family (LAAF) program, BLUETTI has empowered more than 100,000 African families in off-grid areas. With a dedication to innovation and meeting customer needs, BLUETTI has established itself as a trusted industry leader in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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