Bluesky will soon add DMs and videos

Bluesky will soon add DMs and videos

Decentralized social media platform Bluesky has already achieved some major successes. This is a rare example of a Twitter/X competitor that has succeeded. Most other competitors have since closed shop, with the exception of Metabaked Threads. Also, Bluesky was able to rack up more 3 million signups During this period users could join the platform by invitation only. Since opening up to everyone, Blusky has raised more than 5.6 million users.

And, Bluesky has managed to do all of this without two major features found on major social media platforms: direct messages (DMs) and video uploads. But, this will not last long.

In a post published Tuesday, Bluesky's team shared His upcoming plans for the platform include DMs and video.

DMs, video, and more are on the way.

According to Bluesky, the team is planning to add several new features in the coming months.

DMs, or private messages, appear first in Bluesky's list of things. As Blusky pointed out, all posts on the platform are public until now. That will soon change as the team works on “a DM service that will be integrated into the Bluesky app.” Bluesky says the first version of the DM feature will allow users to limit who they can receive messages from. Users will only be able to allow DMs from users they follow, disable DMs entirely, or have open DMs, meaning anyone on the platform can send them a private message.

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Perhaps the most notable feature difference on Bluesky is the lack of video uploads. That too will change soon. Blusky says that when released, the feature will allow users to upload video clips up to 90 seconds long.

While they're the biggest on Blusky's list, there are other features along the way. Blusky says it is working on its own OAuth or “login with” feature. Once this is in place, third-party websites and platforms will be able to allow users to sign up using their Bluesky accounts.

In addition, Bluesky is looking to develop more features that are unique to its platform as well. Bluesky has one of the more robust anti-harassment features and is working to improve these moderation tools.

Another unique Blusky feature, Custom Feeds, which allows users to fully customize their timeline, is getting a bunch of new updates. Blusky says the feeds will include the ability to submit specific posts and curate submissions, requests from algorithms to “show more” or “show less” of certain types of content, and the ability to “run superfeeds” that show What is it? What's happening in the communities of your following feeds.

All in all, it looks like Bluesky has a lot of new things coming. During a week where the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. Aside from its board of directors, these new features will certainly be a welcome addition to the Bluesky community.

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