Bethesda Updating Fallout 4, And Lands A Crit On Fallout London – PC Perspective

Bethesda Updating Fallout 4, And Lands A Crit On Fallout London – PC Perspective

Another mod incurs Todd's wrath.

There's a good chance you installed a Fallout game right after the final credits rolled on the last episode of the TV series, which you didn't fully catch up on for a few days. Regardless, the series did a good job reminding us how much we love wandering around in the wasteland. Also the series It inspired Bethesda to work on a huge update to Fallout 4.Which is releasing on April 25. With a good chance of a 10GB+ patch dropping on the 26th to fix game breaking bugs. If you can get it to load, it will bring native support for ultrawide monitors, various assets sourced directly from Creation Club and a quest called The Enclave. .

That's good news for fans of the series, but terrible news for those who have been patiently waiting for Fallout London to arrive on April 23. The total conversion mod for Fallout 4 was designed based on the current version and behind-the-scenes changes mean it won't work.. The option to return to Steam is unlikely to fully resolve this and so the team has decided to push back the launch date until they can make sure the mod runs smoothly. Bethesda hasn't offered them a sneak peek of the new version to start working on compatibility, so they have no idea how long it will take to fix. We can hope for a few days, but it's more likely we're looking at at least several weeks.

In the meantime, in a week we can all beta test the official update for Bethesda.

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