Best Squat Racks of 2024

Best Squat Racks of 2024

Choose the squat rack that best suits your needs: “Focus your time and energy on researching racks that are suitable for your space and the height of the people who will be using the rack,” said Steve Stonehouse, VP of Education and Programming at BodyFit Training. You'll also want to check the quality of the machine. “There's a different quality and standard for a commercial rack,” he says, when deciding on the quality of the rack You should also consider the amount of weight and frequency of use that the squat rack will see.

Decide if you will use it for other exercises: You'll find that some squat racks are sold simply as squat racks with two steel beams intended to hold the barbell and its bare bones. On the other hand, many power cages serve as squat racks, bench racks, spotters, and more, all of which are more versatile than the basic squat rack. Depending on what you're using it for, if you want a rack that can be used for squatting, bench pressing, or other exercises, you might want to consider a power cage.

Use Safety Bars: Squat racks come with “safety arms” that help you in case you fail the lift. Stonehouse also recommends choosing a squat rack with a wide base or platform that prevents the rack from rotating when in use. Additionally, they suggest making sure the thickness or “gauge” of the steel is sufficient.

“Gage can often be an important indicator of price and quality,” he explains. He points out that typically commercial gyms use racks that use 7-gauge steel, while home-friendly racks use 11-gauge steel. “It's sturdy enough for almost any home gym scenario and will probably last you a lifetime,” he said.

Bolt the squat rack: Whenever possible, to increase safety measures, you should aim to close the rack down. If you are unable to lower the rack, you will want to make sure the footprint is wide enough to provide adequate stability, even when using heavy weights.

Make sure it weighs a lot: Make sure the squat rack you choose can handle a lot of weight, especially if multiple people in your household plan to use it. Most standard home gym squat racks have a weight capacity that can handle loads ranging from 300 to 1,000 pounds, Stonehouse says.

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