Best gaming keyboards 2024: The top budget, mid-tier, RGB, and more

Best gaming keyboards 2024: The top budget, mid-tier, RGB, and more

Why I love the K65 Plus Wireless

Corsair has been improving its design over the past few years, adding more premium features and customization options. And it all comes together in the massively redesigned K65 Plus, and does so at a surprisingly low price.

This keyboard combines the popular 75% form factor, fast speed, multi-device wireless, high-quality switches, and hot-swappable key sockets, with Corsair's typically good gaming pedigree. The result is a keyboard that does a lot for many users, at a relatively low price.

While the K65 skips some exotic features like adjustable actuation or an OLED screen, and doesn't include a wrist rest in the box, it nails just about every other aspect of the design. This is simply the best gaming keyboard you can get right now.

Who Should Buy K65 Plus Wireless?

Anyone who wants a high-quality keyboard with lots of customization options, both hardware and software, will be happy with this design. It also has some cool bonuses, like PBT keycaps and a dedicated button to turn RGB on (or off, if you want maximum battery life).

The 75% form factor isn't for everyone — if you want a different format, you'll have to look elsewhere, or wait for Corsair to offer more models. It's also considerably less “shiny” than other gaming keyboards, and doesn't offer the height and quality of a metal body.

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