Best Dollhouses of 2024

Best Dollhouses of 2024

$70 on Amazon

Calico Creators Elegant Town Manor Dollhouse

For smaller spaces

$73 on Amazon

Play Mobile - Ghostbusters Play Mobile - Ghostbusters

Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse

Who will you call?

$56 on Amazon

8 times and a 2 8-foldandgo-a-2

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse

The best portable

$76 on Amazon

Fisher Price Fisher Price

Fisher-Price Little People Friends Together Playhouse

Perfect for toddlers

$229 at Walmart

15-lolhouse-walmart-2 15-lolhouse-walmart-2


Inbox Furniture and Entertainment (Update: Currently unavailable)

$170 at Kohl's

13-Disney Princess-A-2 13-Disney Princess-A-2

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle

Best Disney Dollhouse

Few things inspire wonder in children like dreamy dollhouses. These special toys set the stage for your child (or favorite adult) to create, explore and discover through imagination and play. The best dollhouses on the market have stood the test of time, being popular and loved for generations.

Dollhouses come in different shapes, styles and sizes. You can buy a charming cottage or spring for something bigger with dollhouse furniture. If your child already has large dolls, a larger house may be the best choice. Either way, setting up these tiny houses is a blast for kids and adults alike. Not every dollhouse is right for your child (or you), so we've set out to find out which ones are worth the investment. Here is a list of the best dollhouses you can get right now.

If you're the type of parent who's on trend. toysLOL Surprise, Disney and Barbie have colorful houses that will impress children. If you prefer a more subdued, natural-looking dollhouse, there are woods from Hape and Hearth & Hand. If you need something smaller, there are starter houses like Melissa & Doug or Fold & Go from Mayleigh Castle. If you're looking for something less fun, Playmobil's Ghostbusters Firehouse or a cool KidKraft pirate trail might fit the bill. Whether you have baby boy Or preteens, you can find the right dollhouse for any age here. Just make sure you check the age recommendation and avoid potential choking hazards, especially if you're shopping for young children.

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Kidcroft's Chelsea Cottage is a perennial favorite. It has a low price (when sold) and all the features a dollhouse needs. It even comes with furniture. There are five rooms and three levels to accommodate a 4-inch doll. Chelsea Cottage's bright colors and sturdy pieces are perfect for toddlers.


If your little one is into adorable calico critters, this compact yet luxurious dollhouse is adorable. A chandelier, spiral staircase and terrace give the elegant town manor a special feel, and the set includes its resident, Stella the Hop Scotch Rabbit. Stella furniture, including a bed set and dining room, comes with the house so your child can start playing right away.


Heap's standard wooden doll family mansion has 10 rooms plus a garage and garden. It is spacious enough that more than one child can play with the house at the same time. One of the best features is the LED lights. The included magnetic lamps can be moved from room to room. You also get a doll family and furniture. Best for ages 3 and up.


This isn't your traditional dollhouse, it's a pirate house. KidKraft's Pirate's Cove set includes a hideout with plenty of room, furniture and accessories for a pirate crew (also included). It has a prison, a treasure chest, cannons and most importantly, a dock for a pirate ship. This is great for your doubloons.


Barbie's Dreamhouse will celebrate its 62nd anniversary this year, and the pink dollhouse is still going strong. The latest iteration of the Dream House is perfect for celebrating. It has a dance floor, outdoor grill area, water slide and swing chair. Bonus: There's a small waterslide for Barbie dolls. About 4 feet tall, the Dream House comes with over 75 pieces.


The open design of this compact, sturdy wooden dollhouse is great for toddlers like preschoolers — no roof means better access for play. Little Friends Dollhouse Town Villa includes 10 pieces of furniture in her eight rooms and includes a 4-inch doll (sold separately). Bonus: Assembly is easy and requires no tools.

Play Mobile

If your child isn't interested in a traditional dollhouse, Playmobil's Ghostbusters Firehouse is a great idea. Modeled after the classic movie's firehouse, this set has all the fun and ghoulish details you'd hope for — from the library ghost to the proton pack to the silicone slime splatter. Five figures are also included, but the Ecto-1 car and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are sold separately.


This simple wooden cottage from Melissa & Doug is a great introduction to the world of dollhouse play, and the introduction is worth the price. Kids can pack the included 11 pieces of sturdy furniture and two small dolls inside, and the bubblegum pink house folds up for easy transport or storage.


If you're looking for a quirky abode, look no further than Maileg Castle Dollhouse. A tasteful three-story tower, it's the perfect place to house miniature stuffed Melig mice (or other small dolls) for fairy tale play. The only downside to the castle is that accessories are not included.


If you're shopping for gifts for a toddler, Fisher-Price makes a great dollhouse for the youngest children. The Little People Friends Together Playhouse is made of sturdy plastic and has interactive lights and sounds. Set includes furniture, accessories and three minifigures. It all fits inside when you attach the pool.


The Foxtail Villa by Tender Leaf Toys is a cute, medium-sized dollhouse that's great for toddlers. Small enough to transport, this dollhouse is about 28 inches tall. Made from renewable rubber tree wood, the Foxtail Villa is chemical-free and a great eco-friendly option. A colorful furniture set is included.


Target's Hearth & Hand line features a cute wooden treehouse that's the perfect hangout for dolls. (And it's also perfect for parents who don't want shiny plastic toys.) That's true for Hearth & Hand dollhouse Chip and Joanna Gaines' lifestyle brand Magnolia. It has a tasteful black and white color scheme, plus a quirky paint and tire swing.


Any kid who collects modern LOL Surprise dolls will be gaga for the newest, largest dollhouse in the line. The OMG House of Surprises is a 4-by-4-foot dollhouse with everything from working lights to a movie theater and waterslide. Best of all, the house comes with 85 surprises to unbox.


Elsa, Cinderella, Belle and the rest of the Disney princesses will feel right at home in the Ultimate Celebration Castle. The three-story castle dollhouse stands 4 feet tall and features furniture and accessories fit for a royal doll. Kids will love the “fireworks” light show and music (parents might not).

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