Backup and disaster recovery

“We get calls from companies frequently asking us to help recover files or data from staff who accidentally delete files or suffer from hardware failure. Most of these companies have no backup solutions in place and often loose critical data and as a consequence their business suffer.
Effective IT Solutions can help with backing up your systems data including off site cloud solutions and have backups available to restore your systems at a moment’s notice.”

Plan ahead
Don’t leave it to chance or wait for disaster to happen.
Effective IT Solutions are able to help you plan ahead to avoid disaster, solutions including…
Data backup
Recovery, Remote off site storage
Virtualisation of servers
Local backup
Synology Nas

Data and backup solutions from Effective IT Solutions are


Your data files are safe, stored offsite to make sure if something happens to a physical copy, a backup is always ready.


No delay in getting your business back to business with easily retrievable files and data. We can also help in installing virtual servers to minimise downtime.


Our technicians are always looking after your data
If something happens to your data our goal is to reduce downtime, be it a single file or your complete system.

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Data Recovery

“Effective IT Solutions offers extensive data recovery services. If your data has become damaged or corrupted on your laptop or computer Data Recovery can retrieve that all important lost data from your damaged or corrupted storage media on your computer, laptop or workstation, such as hard disk drives or RAID drives. We partner with specialist data recovery companies with clean room facilities to recover your data.”

We can help recover data from

  • External Drives such as External Hard Disk failure or Flash Drives
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 0
  • Raid 6
  • NAS Drives including Synology
  • Accidently formatted hard drives
  • Lost Picture Recovery, Retrieval in Leicester
  • USB drives
  • Water damaged memory cards
  • Dropped / clicking hard drives
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