ASUS Comes Under Huge RMA Fire, Charges $3,758 Just To Repair Just Plastic On A $2800 RTX 4090

ASUS Comes Under Huge RMA Fire, Charges $3,758 Just To Repair Just Plastic On A $2800 RTX 4090

ASUS has come under fire for its RMA policies that demand outrageous costs to fix minor issues and sometimes, your original issue is not even resolved but the company will refund the product you purchased. It also points out many other problems that were not there. To begin with there.

ASUS seems to be very lacking in the RMA department, leaving the customer with a huge bill for nothing, pay over $3700 US to repair a $2800 GeForce RTX 4090.

AIBs are in trouble these days, especially with regard to customer warranty services. Earlier, we disclosed an incident between a customer. RMA Request and Acceptance, where the company refused to accept the refund request even though the GPU had complied with all the legal conditions expressed by the company and the respective distributor. This time, ASUS has denied customer servicing, which is shocking since the firm is known as a top manufacturer in the PC space.

ASUS wants $3758 to repair a small plastic indent on its $2799 ASUS RTX 4090 WHITE OC (update).
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The news came from Redditor, MalgokiWho bought ASUS's GeForce RTX 4090 ROG STRIX WHITE OC, which was working perfectly, but noticed that the plastic on the power connector was scratched for no apparent reason.

As a precautionary measure, the customer contacted ASUS for an RMA, as suggested by the local store he purchased the GPU from. However, to his surprise, customer services gave him a quote of $3758 just to repair the plastic indent and keep in mind that the GPU was fragile and almost a brand new unit.

Adding to the surprise, when his RMA case came up, ASUS classified the GPU as “not functional” and even said the damage was not covered under warranty. However, the company tipped 30% to the original quote, but even so, their prices were comical for a GPU, costing the customer around $2,799. Adding to the long list of updates, the Redditor now says that ASUS offered to buy back the GPU for full price including tax after contacting the company's CE.

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This isn't the only case where ASUS has come under fire, as recently, in coverage by GamersNexus, it was revealed how the company's RMA department mishandled ROG Ally units, and in the process Tried to cheat the people involved. You can watch the video below, because it's quite interesting.

At the same time, it's disappointing to see a company like ASUS indulge in such practices as it really tarnishes the firm's overall reputation. We hope that the company will look into the issues and address them as soon as possible so that customers can have a responsible and more positive RMA procedure.

News Source: Reddit

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